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As I slept, I was a slave. I was picking cotton, in the rain, as I sang Taylor Swifts song, 'Ours'. In my dream mind, it didn't register that Taylor Swift wouldn't be born for another 300 years or so. My lovely dream was interrupted by my History book slamming on my desk.

"Blair, would you mind telling the class how slavery was abolished? Unless of course, you were asleep and didn't hear me. In which case, only a detention as punishment would be acceptable." said my very rude, very angry teacher, Mr. Biggers.

What a jerk. Well, I guess that explains why I dreamt myself as a slave. On a positive note, he asked the easiest questions out of all my classes.

"The 13th amendment. And I agree, sleeping in class is so disrespectful, I think a detention is a kind punishment." I told him.

He gave me a rude look, and continued. I got several "awww snap's" and laughs from my fellow classmates. But really, Mr. Biggers wouldn't do anything.

The final bell rang, and Mr. Biggers told us to have a Merry Christmas. I grabbed my reindeer stuffed animal my boyfriend had gotten me from my locker, said goodbye to some friends, and walked out the school doors.

It was 36 degrees outside, and I hated my jacket I'd brought. It was about a mile to my house, and no way was I freezing to death only 9 days before Christmas. I made sure no one was looking, and made a thumbs up, pointed my thumb toward myself, and thought, "Make me warm. Heat me up." As I'd said it, I had imagined the warmth if a bonfire spreading through me. Then, a transparent red stream came from my thumb, and hit my chest. The warmth, as I'd imagined, spread through me, making me feel amazing, while I watched some other kids shiver. I felt mean, and sent a little warmth to each of them.

I walked home, staying toasty. At my house, I threw open the front door, and yelled "Beamer, baby, come here!" And to my shock, a sweet Pomeranian did not come streaking towards me.

"Beamer! Come on sweetie, I'm home!" I yelled once more. Still, no dog. I thought maybe he was just hiding, but he couldn't resist a doggie bone, so I yelled his favorite word. "TREAT! COME ON BEAMER, I GOT A TREAT . . . Beamer?"

I heard footsteps, but not a dogs. They were from a human, probably a rather large one. I knew my mother was in Tennessee, and my brother was at a friend's, so no one should be home but me. I didn't hide though, because, honestly, why would someone break into the home of a normal girl in a small town in Kentucky? But . . . What if they knew I wasn't a 'normal girl'? Then I heard a voice behind me.

"Blair Newberry, do not move. We are armed, and will not hesitate to disable you." Disable? How did he know my name? Did they know what I was? Disable?!?!

Ok, in my defense, I really didn't mean to disobey him. It was just natural for me to spin around. Apparently, he'd known I would do this, because when I face him, the footsteps I'd heard were now to my back, and the hands that went with them grabbed my head and slammed it into the table beside me.

In the minute or so before I blacked out, while I layer stunned on the ground, a few things happened.

One, I found Beamer. He limped to my side, and I knew these people must've hurt him.

Two, one if them handcuffed me. I didn't notice it at first because I was so surprised to be on the ground, but the nice fellow made sure they were tight. Very tight.

Third, I tried to use magic and make them fly against my wall, but they smiled and talked about how weak my magic was.

That's when a boot flew into my face and I blacked out.


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