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Music: Like It or Not?

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Most of us love listening to music, including me. I'm pretty sure there are some people who don't, but in my opinion, music can make a person happy when he/she is sad, it can cheer you up and make you feel like partying too! I, personally, keep listening to my favorite bands and artists, it makes me glad. Here, I've interviewed a couple of Whyvillians who either absolutely love or dislike music.

sweet1680: Do you like listening to music?

lilpcdoll: I absolutely LOVE listening to music. I do it 24/7.
CATH3RIN3: Absolutely! I spend over half my day(literally) either listening or making music.
Antier: No. Music burns like acid in my ear-orifices. Whether it be softly wafting strains or gritty, catchy beats, it turns me into a rabid psycho whirlwind of grump and rain clouds.
co12bo: Yes, I love music!
mscutie8: Other than reading all I really do is listen to music.

sweet1680: Who are your favorite artist/ band? And your favorite song by them?

lilpcdoll: Lady Gaga, she's amazing. My favorite song by her would have to be "Marry The Night".
CATH3RIN3: Right now it's probably Chameleon Circuit, which is rather embarrassing. I'm particularly fond of the song "Kiss The Girl" by them.
Antier: If I were forced into such a thing, then my favorite artist would be Larry the Cucumber, and my favorite song "Barbara Manatee". His rendition of that classic is incredibly heart-wrenching. You should look it up.
co12bo: I don't really have a favorite band but my favorite song as of the moment is "Ik neem je mee" by Gers Pardoel.
mscutie8: My favorite bands are Three Days Grace and Metallica. Three Days Grace: "Riot". Metallica: "Enter Sandman".

sweet1680: Do you listen to music for your happiness or does it make you sad?

lilpcdoll: I listen to music because it makes me happy. I love singing a long to songs and getting really into it.
CATH3RIN3: It can go either way. Most of my favorite songs are for dance and upbeat, but I do have playlists of songs that I use to calm myself down a bit.
Antier: Music makes me sad, all the time. If "Singing in the Rain" comes on, I experience a powerful urge to fling handfuls of mustard at elderly passerby, for example.
co12bo: Music usually makes me happy, unless it's very sad-sounding music.
mscutie8: Happiness.

sweet1680: Do you like hearing really loud music or some good peaceful music?

lilpcdoll: Well, I like my music loud, but not the headbanging, screamo music, I just listen to my normal music at a loud volume.
CATH3RIN3: I always listen to music as loud as I can, so I can drown out any other noise. I use music to get away from my surroundings, and that doesn't work if you can hear someone talking right next to you.
Antier: I'd have to go with peaceful. "Barbara Manatee", for example, does have some intense and emotional parts, but for the most part it plays with low tension.
co12bo: I prefer louder music over soft music, I don't know why though, it just sounds better to me.
mscutie8: I like listening to really loud music compared to peaceful music.

sweet1680: Do you like listening to music at times when you're upset, sad about something, does it make you feel better?

lilpcdoll: At times when I'm upset, I do listen to a variety of songs that do make me feel better. Usually Adele or Coldplay.
CATH3RIN3: When I'm sad I tend to listen to sad songs that just increase my feelings more. I relate to some songs better when I'm sad, and those are usually the ones I'll listen to when I'm not in a great mood.
Antier: I like listening to music at times when I'm too happy. If I feel that my happiness is reaching critical levels, I have to make a sprint for the nearest radio and blast some Lady Gaga. Then I feel better.
co12bo: Music always makes me feel better when I am upset that's why I love it.
mscutie8: All of the above.

sweet1680: Which artist/ band songs do you think relate to you the most?

lilpcdoll: Probably Lady Gaga, because in her songs she uses metaphors about going through the struggles in life and overcoming them. She also supports full equality for all and she isn't afraid to be herself.
CATH3RIN3: Charlie McDonnell, Relient K, and Tom Milsom all have songs about being awkward and whatnot, which is my life pretty much.
Antier: I think the music of Jeremy Donovan, the aboriginal artist, relates to me the most. For those of you who don't know, he is a famous didgeridoo player. If anybody were going to run about hurling mustard, it would be him, and I would be happy to frolic beside him while letting his primal tunes turn my bones into ape-drool.
co12bo: I don't really have one, it's just me, but I still like it though.
mscutie8: I'm not sure, I never thought about it.

So we know that we all have different likes and dislikes for the same kind of things, some may like music from some other language, simple music played on the Internet etc. In my opinion, music is a great way to express ones feelings and enjoy your day. I listen to songs everyday and also sing along with them. To people who don't like music, I wonder why, but then it's their choice, LoL!

Author's Note: I thank lilpcdoll, CATH3RIN3, Antier, co12bo, mscutie8 for taking their time to answer all my questions happily and volunteering for this article. And I also thank you guys to read my very first interview. Have a great day!


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