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Break Your Fast!

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Bacon and eggs, pancakes and waffles, sausage and hash browns, milk and orange juice, syrups of all flavors - they're all a part of the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Whether you eat it or not, breakfast plays a huge role in how your metabolism will work for the remainder of the day. Doctors say that when you eat breakfast shortly after you wake up, you are more likely to have a healthy weight and balanced diet.

Even if eating in the morning isn't your favorite thing to do, gaining this healthy habit will prove to pay off. Curious as to what an every-day teen eats for breakfast, I interviewed five Whyvillians varying in age and gender to see what they choose to munch on in the early hours and why.

Kittieme: Do you eat breakfast every day?

Fallingg: Anything I can get my hands on. In the morning, I'm so hungry.
Cra6cak3: Usually.
Monkluva: I don't eat breakfast every day.
Santapoos: Yes.
Thinmin12: Not every day. But mostly.

Kittieme: Why do/don't you eat breakfast every day?

Fallingg: I have seventh period lunch, and that's way too long to try to go without at the least having food in the morning!
Cra6cak3: I eat it because I'm hungry. But, I don't eat it if I'm running late to school.
Monkluva: I don't eat it because I do not have time in the morning.
Santapoos: Because it's healthy, and if I don't, I'll starve.
Thinmin12: My mom makes me.

Kittieme: What is your favorite food to eat for breakfast, and why?

Fallingg: I don't know the name; it's by a bunch of different brands, and it's cereal. It's like frosted flakes with dark chocolate pieces in it. Man do I love dark chocolate.
Cra6cak3: Pancakes. They're delicious and fluffy and delicious and puffy and YUMMM!
Monkluva: My favorite breakfast food is egg casserole because I only have it on Christmas.
Santapoos: Pumpkin Pie, because it's delicious.
Thinmin12: The pancakes that my friend's mom makes.

Kittieme: Do you think breakfast is an important meal?

Fallingg: Yes, I think it is. If I don't eat breakfast I'll die of starvation in the middle of class and start complaining about how I want food instead of doing the project we're working on.
Cra6cak3: Yes. Breakfast food tastes SOOO much better than lunch and dinner.
Monkluva: I do think breakfast is an important meal of the day because it helps your brain work better.
Santapoos: Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Thinmin12: Not really. I eat with my friend in Math class. But, on the other hand, it is, so I don't have to go to the nurse everyday for stomach pains. My friend has had an eating disorder from not eating breakfast.

Kittieme: What's for breakfast tomorrow?

Fallingg: Breakfast, tomorrow? No . . . Breakfast now! And probably whatever I can get my hands on, a bagel, cereal, toast.
Cra6cak3: Toasted PBJ!
Santapoos: I don't know!
Thinmin12: Hot chocolate and waffles. Yum!

I'd like to thank Thinmin12, Santapoos, Monkluva, Cra6cak3, and Fallingg for their excellent answers. It was very interesting to learn about the various eating habits of teens just like us, and why they choose what they eat. Hopefully their wisdom will motivate you to make the best choice and gobble a few bites of breakfast tomorrow.

Stay healthy, and have a great holiday season!


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