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Book Review: The Son of Neptune

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Have you heard of the book called "The Son of Neptune" by Rick Riordan? If you haven't, then you have now. This book is the second book of The Lost Hero series which is also a run on series to the Percy Jackson series.

If you enjoyed the Percy Jackson series then you will absolutely love these books. It is about the Greek and Roman Gods' children having to unite forces to defeat the evil Earth Goddess Gaea. In the book Percy is in a long sleep from which Juno put him in, when he awakens he is discovered by the Wolf Goddess who teaches him to fight as a Roman. The Wolf Goddess has many tests for him and he passes them all. So he is sent out on his own to find Camp Jupiter. Like Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter is a home for Demi-Gods. But there is a major difference. Camp Jupiter consists of Roman Demi-Gods. As you know Greek and Romans didn't get along too well. But in order for Earth to survive, Greek and Romans must unite to defeat the forces of Gaea.

Percy sets out on his journey to find Camp Jupiter. He is confronted by monsters that will not die and a goddess who he has to take across The Little Tiber, which guards Camp Jupiter. When Percy arrives at Camp he is welcomed by two Roman Demi-Gods named Hazel and Frank. With these two Percy sets out on a long journey to defeat the giant Alcyoneus who has chained Death so he cannot reap the souls of the dead. Without Death doing his job the world is in utter chaos. Monsters don't die, which makes winning a battle hard. They also set out to retrieve a lost artifact that could help win the war! But while Percy, Hazel, and Frank are on their way to rescue Death, Camp Jupiter is under attack by Gaea's forces!

I highly recommend this book if you a fan of Greek and Roman Mythology. If you would like to know more why not find the book in a nearby library or purchase the book as this is worth the time reading.


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