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Author's Note: Hi everyone. This was just a speech I wrote in grade 9 and have found just recently nestled in one of my folders. I wanted to share. Once again I touch upon the subject of happiness because I truly believe in it. I hope you enjoy it and don't be afraid to leave a comment in the BBS.

What if you woke up from your sweet dreams one night in the middle of an overwhelming white landscape. The trees, lacy ends of playful white with a mirage of diamond hues, the roses a stark white; basically a translucent, blank canvas. What if your bed was situated in heaven? What if you escaped reality? What if you died?

What if you died? That question has been asked many times whether with the tense changed or the sub context altered; it has been muttered all around the globe. As teenagers, we don't really grasp the meaning of the word "death". But what if your supposedly everlasting life line really did reach a startling end? Of course, once we realize that threads begin to break, we consult doctors and specialists to prevent the whole string from rupturing. But what if you had no warning at all? You just died one night in your sleep and never opened up your eyes again. If you died right this second, would you be happy?

I've asked myself that very question often in my previous past. I've pondered upon true happiness and whether if my string were to evaporate, vanish or disappear in a clear fog, I would have reached true fulfillment. I've had a glimpse of it, personal, human potential, and attempting to eat a whole pizza in one sitting isn't it. I want to live my life. I want to prosper as an individual. I want to get out of school and start my career. I want to get that satisfaction of being someone even remotely important. I want to, eventually, start a family and I want to put my children through the same pain my parents put me through with their never-ending lectures. I want to live my life and if I died right this minute right now, I would not be satisfied. In fact, I wish to perish the thought.

Now I must wonder meticulously about other people my age. If you were to die right now, would you be happy about your life? Before you all dismiss this question as an "easy" question where you imagine everyone's answer to be unanimous, there ARE people that have reached human fulfillment at this age. As hard as that is to comprehend and digest, people DO get happiness out of everyday things. Just being able to see could be the climax of a blind man'ss life. Just being able to listen to a flock of birds could be the climax of a hearing-impaired's life. For me though fifteen years of doing homework, defying my parents, wasting time away on the Internet and contemplating the subject of Zac Efron's abs just isn't going to cut it. I want to go to higher places.


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