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Fabulously Frugal: Dressy, Why-Inspired Looks

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Greetings, Whyville! For this edition of "Fabulously Frugal", I decided to dress things up a bit, but I wanted a specific theme to the article, and I felt that a "dressy" theme was pretty lame by itself. So, I considered having sky-inspired looks (sunset, night sky, etc.). I began constructing an outfit that was "starry night" themed. However, as I was doing this I thought, how could I connect this all to Whyville? Then I remembered the Whyville Skyscout Observatory, and thought it was perfect, I could make looks based on my favorite places in Whyville. So that's how the idea was born, and I've created three original looks inspired by the Skyscout Observatory, The Whyville Cove, and The Meadow.

This look was inspired by Whyville's Skyscout Observatory. The dress is deep blue like the night sky, and with shimmering accessories, the outfit will make you shine all night long. The tights of course are optional, but add a fun, starry accessory. The hair accessory will complete a cute up-do in the most perfect way. This outfit would be great for a New Years party, or another special occasion.

Dress: $21 Dorothyperkins.com
Tights: $18 Yesstyle.com
Shoes: $12 Jcpenney.com
Clutch: $23 Windsorstore.com
Earrings: $6 Charlotterusse.com
Hair Accessory: $25 Bcbg.com

This look was inspired by The Whyville Cove. I remember years back when I made such a great effort to reach the Silver Street Team Level, just so I could enjoy the elite privilege of being able to visit The Cove. To me, it's one of Whyville's most beautiful locations and reminds me of summer all year long. The floral skirt is super beachy and looks just like a scene from the cove. The sparkly top compliments the skirt nicely and perfectly matches the subtle seashell clutch. The shoes are just adorable and the greatest color. This affordable outfit is a great party look, not only for summer, but for the whole year.

Top: $27 Dorothyperkins.com
Skirt: $10 Delias.com
Shoes: $26 Zara.com
Bag: $20 Forever21.com

This next look was inspired by none other than Whyville's lovely Meadow. Everything about this place is like a nostalgic spring field, and who doesn't love that idea? It's everything you would want in a vintage party look, a cutesy dress with a beautiful print, an awesome bag, an adorable hair bow, and sparkly heels that aren't too over the top. It's the perfect way to enjoy a spring day, even when it's not spring.

Dress: $35 Modcloth.com
Shoes: $17 Aldoshoes.com
Bag: $28 Nordstrom.com
Bow: $16 Americanapparel.net

So that's all I have for this edition of "Fabulously Frugal", three fab looks, each piece $35 or under. Even though it's winter, I still felt like showing some spring and summery pieces and how a little inspiration can go a long way.

Have a great holiday season!



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