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If you know me, you know I have many different personalities. No, I'm not bipolar and I don't have a disorder. I just act differently depending on who I'm with, and the change is usually drastic.

The first Cassidy is shy Cassidy. She's the one who the average person sees most. She's very quiet and calm, and hardly ever cracks a smile. She rarely speaks up, even when somebody says something that makes her want to punch them in the face. Shy Cassidy has a strong, hard shell surrounding her, that is near impossible to break. The people who are most familiar with Shy Cassidy are all teachers, many adults, and the students who Cassidy is not familiar with, especially the popular, cliquey girls.

Shy Cassidy has a polar opposite, whose name is Insane Cassidy. This Cassidy is a very rare specimen indeed. If you're lucky enough to meet this Cassidy, well, you'll probably be scared at first. But in the end, you won't run away, because Insane Cassidy only shows herself to those she is beginning to trust who she knows will not be scared of her. This Cassidy is loud, always laughing, hyper, and weird as weird can be. This is the closest any human being has seen to the true Cassidy. Insane Cassidy appears when the walls she so carefully built up are close to being destroyed completely, after being taken down bit by bit, by her best friends.

Similar to Insane Cassidy is Weird Cassidy. This is the Cassidy that is seen by most of her friends. She can be loud or quiet, happy or sad, usually the former of both. She is frequently hyper or energetic and speaks quickly. This type of Cassidy is often spotted speaking about Harry Potter or something related to it. She is at the point where the strong walls have a few holes in them. If a person who is not Cassidy's friend spots her as this, they might shoot her a weird look before walking away thinking, "What the heck is wrong with that girl?" This is where the name Weird Cassidy comes from. Cassidy is usually content when she is Weird Cassidy.

The next Cassidy is Confident Cassidy. She might be even rarer than Insane Cassidy. She's the Cassidy who struts around the house, singing at the top of her lungs, grinning at her reflection whenever she passes a window, stopping in front of every mirror to strike a pose, and snapping a few pictures with her iPhone. This Cassidy is hardly seen by anyone else. If Confident Cassidy is out in public, it is subtle. One might see her walk a little straighter with a littler more bounce in her step, or smile a little more often. The only time Confident Cassidy shows herself is when her hair is either perfectly straight or perfectly curly, and she's wearing an outfit that makes her look thinnier, or when she just succeeded in something.

Then there's Conifdent Cassidy's opposite, Self-Conscious Cassidy. This Cassidy is more common than Confident Cassidy, but refuses to show herself noticeably in front of a person. This Cassidy, though always lurking, is most prominent when Cassidy just ate a lot, is having horrible hair day, got a bad grade on a test, was insulted, or is having a bad day. The only time she shows up is when Cassidy is alone in her room, where nobody can see her at her most vulnerable. She never smiles, avoids mirrors as much as possible, and might shed a tear or two.

Next up is Slytherin Cassidy. She is a . . . well, let's just call her not very nice. She is rude and mean, lurking like a snake ready to strike at the first person who bothers her. She is cunning, forming brilliant plans of vengeance in her mind that she never goes through with for fear of suspension. She will insult anyone, and will walk over people to get where she's trying to go, both metaphorically and physically. She is ambitious, and won't let anyone stop her. She can be incredibly defensive and can be dangerous. It is unknown just what triggers Slytherin Cassidy's appearance, but some theories include having a bad day, someone saying something or doing something that bothered her, or failing at something. Slytherin Cassidy is not someone you want to cross.

Potter Cassidy is next. She never shuts up, talking a mile a minute about Harry Potter to anyone who will listen. She babbles on and on to her friends, even though they couldn't care less what she was saying, and usually just block her out. She talks about anything related to Harry Potter in any way, and can get quite annoying. At times, it is hard to understand her (that's if you're actually trying to listen) because of her fast rate of speaking which she adopts whenever she is excited, enthusiastic, hyper, anxious, nervous, or scared. Most of Cassidy's friends avoid the common Potter Cassidy, who appears whenever she hears something that reminds her of Harry Potter, which is almost everything.

Well, that's all for now. There are many more Cassidy's, but I'm sure you've grown bored by now and writing anything else would be a waste of my time, because nobody likes reading long articles. I'm rambling, aren't I? I'll close my mouth--er, I'll just stop typing. Hope you enjoyed! Goodbye!


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