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When Bigfoot Bill announced the Regina Poster Contest in the April 25th edition of the Times, I expected to be promptly swamped with submissions of posters, pictures, multimedia presentations of all sorts! Clambering underneath my desk for protection, I prepared for the worst deluge of email I've seen in my illustrious editing career... but the expected rainstorm has so far been merely a trickle.

This is not to disparage the submissions we've had so far! Hardly!! But it has come as a surprise to me that citizens all across the globe have not taken up the challenge to present Whyville in all its glory to the educators of Canada.

Not to mention that you might even win a Why-Pass! Don't you want a Why-Pass just in time for the upcoming prom??!

So hurry up and submit your entry. Time is running out! the deadline is May 17th -- that's next Friday!

Why do you like Whyville? What are you learning as citizens of our fair town? Tell us in your own words... or even your own drawings or screenshots! Email us your creation at posters\@whyville.net

Don't miss out on this chance to win a Why-Pass, and if you live close to Regina, the chance to present your own poster and meet some of Whyville's founders!

Stay up with the Times,
Times Editor



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