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Cats Versus Dogs

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Are you a dog person or cat person? In my opinion, I just can't decide between the two. I'm just an animal person in general. All animals have a different personality, but do certain animals have a particular personality? What is it about people that choose cats over dogs, or dogs over cats?

I have two cats and two dogs. Each and every animal has a very different personality. I love all of them very much. My cat Monster is my first real pet. He is the fluffiest and cutest grey Persian cat ever. He has a white mustache, white paws, and a white belly. All I ever want to do is cuddle with him and hug him, but he never even cares about me. I give him all my attention, but he is always wanting to be left alone. I pet him and he likes it for a small amount of time, but after a while he gets bored me and leaves.

My cat Lizzie, who's name is short for Elizabeth, is a black and white Tabby, with a pink nose. Turns out Lizzie is a boy according to the vets who attempted to spay him. I never really had much of a bond with him. He's always hiding behind the furniture, doing his best to get away from me. When I pet him, he shows no sign of affection at all. It's as if he doesn't even realize I'm there. If I dare try to hug him, or pick him up, he will run away like a ninja! Just like Monster, he seems like he would rather be alone.

My dog Mia is my first dog. She is a pure bred Chihuahua. She is like my best friend. Every time I come home from school, she greets me at the door and gives me lots of kisses and hugs (yes dogs can hug). She follows me around the house wherever I go. She is a hyper ball of fun. She is always trying to play with me, and she gives me all her attention. Whenever I'm sick, I know that she can tell that I'm sick. She sits with me in bed, crying, while I have a burning temperature. She is always more gentle with me when I'm sick. She's like my mother, daughter, sister, and best friend. We take care of each other, love each other and trust each other.

My dog Coco also greets me at the door. She is constantly begging for my attention. She is like a baby who is constantly begging me to hold her. She gives me so much attention all the time. She is so sweet and lovable, but sometimes shes a handful to take care of. She's too cute and adorable to ever get mad at her for anything. Coco is like my child, and I will love her no matter what.

I have noticed a similar personality with all cats. Cats seem to ask for attention, rather than give attention, and it usually just depends what mood they are in. With dogs, dogs are constantly giving attention, and trying to make their owner feel loved. Sure they all animals have different personalities, but I've noticed the majority of cats and dogs are like this. What about you? Are you a cat or dog person, and why?


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