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I personally adored Disney as a child and felt almost obligated to interview our fellow Whyvillians on the subject of Disney. Hope you like it and to the interviewees, thank you for participating!

booksRus: Were/are you a fan of Disney?

Bibi4evr: I used to be, when they had those cute little cartoons . . .
Meforeve2: I am a fan of Disney.
DevilDayz: I am a Disney fan.
Antier: I was, and still am, a semi-idiotic female, so yes of course I liked Disney. Pretty dresses and unrealistic expectations - a little girl's irrational dream! My prince will come SO HELP ME GOD.

booksRus: Did/do you have a favorite Disney Princess/Prince?

Bibi4evr: Yes, Belle.
Meforeve2: My favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella.
DevilDayz: I loved Ariel from "The Little Mermaid".
Antier: Belle, cause she was French and nerdy. They see her walkin and singin' I know they're all thinkin' she's so French and nerdy. Too French and nerdy. Think she's just too French and nerdy. Can't you see she's French and nerdy. She wants to roll with creep monsters, but so far they think she's just too French and nerdy!

booksRus: Why is she/he your favorite?

Bibi4evr: I liked how her name started with the same letter as mine at the time, and dressed up as her in third grade.
Meforeve2: Because she found her Prince Charming and she did everything she was told to do even though she hated it.
DevilDayz: When I was very little another little girl thought I was Ariel. Since then she's always been my favorite.
Antier: I just explained this in extreme musical detail.

booksRus: What Disney move was/is your favorite?

Bibi4evr: "Beauty and the Beast"
Meforeve2: My favorite Disney movie is the "Cinderella" (Ashchenputtle).
DevilDayz: Definitely "The Lion King".
Antier: "Little Mermaid" because of the seashell brassarie. As a repressed religious child I found this remarkably appealing. Even though her hair was like BOOM I AM A RED ELVIS MULLET.

booksRus: Are there any moral lessons you learned from Disney movies/merchandise?

Bibi4evr: Too many to remember. Some were: Don't judge a book by its cover . . . and then all those ones about friendship and love.
Meforeve2: That your Prince will one day come along and you'll get to ride a pumpkin with your fairy Godmother.
DevilDayz: Life isn't easy; things aren't just going to be handed to you. There are lots of ups and downs that you have to get over in life, but in the end there will be happiness.
Antier: If kidnapped, your captor probably just needs kindness and love. You exist to find a man to save you from your circumstances. You must not fight in any circumstances, because this would likely ruin your lovely dress. Waist sizes are fifteen inches, your eyes and your fists are the same size, and hair is gorgeous and long unless you live in the thirties where that's unfashionable. Everything I know I learned from Disney. I write this now from a lovely simple ballgown as I hum delicately to the sparrows on my windowsill and to the mailman. I've got a 15 inch waist now due to carving out a kidney and a portion of my liver with a rusty butter knife.

booksRus: If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?

Bibi4evr: I would like to be sea turtle from "Finding Nemo".
Meforeve2: I would be Cinderella because I would love to ride in a pumpkin and find my Prince Charming.
DevilDayz: I would be Ariel because I'd love to live underwater. Plus, she has a beautiful voice.
Antier: I'd be Sleeping Beauty, because how amazing would it be to not get hungry or have to poop for a hundred full years?

And there you have it folks!! Whyvillians and their thoughts on Disney! I hope you enjoyed this interview and I'd like to thank everyone who participated.

Off to interrogate some more Whyvillians,


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