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A Letter From the Senators

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Authors' Note: The perspective of Kittieme will be used in the first three paragraphs, and Xoxkitkat's perspective will be used for the duration of the article.

On December 19th, Xoxkitkat and I met with City Hall for our monthly senate meeting. The meeting was very successful, and we got to discuss several things on Whyville. Though our fellow senator, Lilchiche, was unfortunately not able to attend, Xoxkitkat and I were able to give City Hall some of our ideas on how to improve Whyville, and get the scoop on what is to come in the nearby future.

The meeting began with City Hall, Xoxkitkat, and I greeting each other. After that, we settled down to business. To start things off, we discussed the Times Awards. At that point in time, the article with the nominations was not out yet, and Xoxkitkat and I were curious as to when the nominees would be announced. City Hall didn't know exactly when the article would be out, but she said that she would ask and hopefully get things taken care of.

Next, Xoxkitkat and I asked if there were any updates on the long-shirts situation. City Hall told us that Whyville was in a tough situation with the shirts. City Hall explained that she was well aware that extensions were being used to lengthen shirts, and that many citizens wanted to have long shirts back. She also informed us that many people have taken advantage of the lengthened shirts in the past, showing bare midriffs and parts of the body Whyville didn't want shown, such as feet and legs. Xoxkitkat and I asked if long shirts were to be coming back any time soon, and City Hall said that while they look to be out of the nearby future, Whyville was planning on perhaps re-thinking their long shirts rule to come up with a happy medium.

Accordingly, Kittieme and I brought up the lurking problem of the Trading Post. City Hall replied that it wasn't the first thing on their list, but City Worker, mark, would try to squeeze it in between Whyville's two newest projects: a brand new Safety Hazards game and fun additions to the renowned Texas Whypower. While many of us are familiar with the Whypower games, Kittieme and I were eager to know what the new Safety Hazards activity would bring, and if it was in any way related to the bicycle safety game that was leaked at the beaches and woods this past summer. City Hall replied that it was indeed a part of the upcoming game, but that it would also feature other exciting activities related to the prevention of everyday dangers.

Then, my fellow senator and I asked about perhaps expanding the Greek Theater's holding capacity, as many of us know the frustration of being barred from a fun event because of a full chat room. City Hall replied that it was most likely not possible with the way chat rooms are set up right now, as complications can arise when attempting to fit 40+ chatting Whyvillians into the same room. Although this was a disappointment, City Hall mentioned that there have been talks in the Whyville office of revamping our current chat rooms into scrolling chat rooms, very similar to the ones at North and South Reef, which could provide 6 times the space our chat rooms do now and, ideally, ridding Whyville of the nuisance of full chat rooms.

Finally, reminiscing on fun times, the two of us brought up the Rhyme Time session that premiered back in August, commenting on how much fun everyone seemed to have at the exciting new event. We inquired if they could, by chance, bring Rhyme Time back and hold another one in the near future. City Hall agreed that it was a delightful experience and said she'd schedule another session on the January calendar.

After successfully discussing these pressing points, City Hall, Kittieme, and I looked at the clock to see that our hour was sadly up. Kittieme and I thanked City Hall for her time, and we all said our goodbyes, wishing each other well for the holidays. Our next senate meeting will be sometime next January, so feel free to send Lilchiche, Kittieme, or I a y-mail with anything you'd like us to pass along to City Hall or to simply let us know how we're doing!


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