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I brushed a strand of delicate hair behind my ear. Laying on the hospital bed, clenching my stomach, I remember questioning Daddy

"Why am I so sore Daddy? Am I going to die?"

Questions were swirling around in my head, some questions Daddy didn't even answer. I knew I was young, but wasn't I mature enough to be told these things? It was my life, and even then I didn't know what was happening.

"Daddy why is the nurse putting cream on my arm?" I said, panicking as I watched her cringing her eyes as she stared at my arm with a pair of small glasses propped on her nose. Daddy went silent, he thought for a long hard ten seconds.

"Well darling. The nurse is putting cream on your arm so she can put a little tube in your vain. It will feed you all the nutrients you need after your operation." He smiled placing a caring hand against my forehead. I was confused a tube in my vain and an operation what was wrong with me.

Later on that night they took me down a long bright hall in a wheelchair after the Operator had a little chat to me. To tell you the truth, I really didn't listen to him. I kept staring around the room, smiling and humming. As we got into the room I was told to jump up onto the operating table.

"Will Daddy be with me?" I asked folding my arms. The Doctor shock her head and helped me lie down on the operating table.

"Bye bye Daddy!"

I grinned feeling confident with myself. Daddy leaned across and gave me a peck of a kiss on my forehead. I really didn't have a care in the world what was going to happen . . .

I awoke after a long hour and a half operation. They tried waking me up but it didn't work. The bubble gum flavored gas they told me to breathe in was so strong, I really couldn't keep awake; so I fell back to sleep again.

I then awoke in a small hospital room. In darkness, in silence but in confusion. Why was I doing in a hospital bed? I thought the doctor was just going to check my tummy and make it all better!

Daddy woke up, giving me a half smile. He sat up and rubbed my hand, adjusting his sore back from the thin mattress on the cold floor.

"Daddy why am I in hospital?"

"You had a very, very bad tummy. Your appendix burst."

Authors Note: This is a true story that had happened to me. I stayed in hospital for a whole week. Just a note to any of you. If your feeling unwell tell a parent or guardian. I left it to the last minute, when I was in so much pain I couldn't even walk - and worst the next day I would have gone. I'm not saying you're going to die, but just tell someone when you are in pain or sick.


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