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What is Love?

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What is love, really? I mean, sure, I'm just a teenager, but me and my boyfriend (Tim) have been going out for a year and a couple months, and I think I'm starting to realize what love, and life really means. It scares me, because I've been hurt so many times that I'm afraid to trust people again. But he gives me hope. Honestly, if I could be with anyone I wanted to be with, it would still be him.

He's helped me to strive to become a better person, and I love him for who he is, what he's becoming, and what he's making of me. Life is such a fragile thing, and you can break people so easily. It's hard to see the beauty in things at your darkest moments, but I've learned that no matter how bad things get, and you feel like just stopping, you can't, you just have to keep on going. Taking pleasure in the small things in life seems to be so much better to me than huge things. He's helped me see the beauty in a lot of things.

Someday, someone will walk into your life, and you will realize why it never worked with anyone else. I know how it feels when you think that no one loves you, it's one of the worst feelings in the world. When I was 13-15, I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. I hated myself, I thought of myself as a monster, that I didn't deserve to live. That I was a waste of space. Believe me, I've been through that, and if you're feeling like that, PLEASE message me. I'd love to be there to talk with you and help you through it.

Loving someone isn't something that I can really describe totally. It's confusing, complex, and complicated. But it's also crazy, beautiful, and something that will change you, and how you think in some ways. Alyvia, Julia, and Tim helped me to look at myself as a person again. I started believing that people can be good. See the beauty in life, and smile because there's so much in life to smile about and look forward to.

Thank you for reading this don't forget to y-mail me,


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