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Traveling Whyvillians

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I personally love to travel! Just to roam around Italy in a little scooter between small, stone roads and small cafes gives me a rush. Just to feel the salty air whirling around my body in Israel gives me a sensation of freedom. Just thinking about visiting the grand pyramids in Egypt gives me goose bumps! To see other cultures, to experience different traditions is truly fascinating! To learn different languages! To study aboard! Phew, it's all so exhilarating (at least to me). Because I love traveling so much, I decided to interview a couple of Whyvillians to find out their traveling experiences. Away we go!

booksRus: Have you traveled a lot up to this point in your life?

Kittieme: I have done a decent amount of traveling in my life.
PAINTING: Not really, but I want to.
xXibemeXo: Yes.
IKnewIt2: No, I've been to a few cities in the West, but the farthest east I've been is North Dakota.
Cass402: I've traveled a decent amount, though never out of the country.

booksRus: Which places have you been that you really thought were amazing or breathtaking? (Name a maximum of 3.)

Kittieme: When I went to Texas, I was blown away by all the beaches. I had no idea there were any there! When I went to Niagara Falls, it was breath-taking and beautiful. Also, Chicago is the best city I've ever been to in my life. Unfortunately, I only get to go there a few times a year, but it's one of my favorite places to be!
PAINTING: My home I guess? I've been like . . . nowhere.
xXibemeXo: New York City is the best, my second favorite would be Arizona and my third would be Jamaica.
IKnewIt2: I went to Hawaii when I was ten and it was beautiful there.
Cass402: The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. They were both filled with relatively untouched nature and with animals that I had never seen in person before. It was beautiful.

booksRus: Would you like to travel a lot in your later years?

Kittieme: I don't think I would, because while I enjoy seeing new places, I'm a home-body and feel the most comfortable within my own walls.
PAINTING: Yes! I really hope I'll be able to, I want to see places like Paris or Australia or London.
xXibemeXo: Of course! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do!
IKnewIt2: Yes I would. There are so many places to see and I want to travel a lot more than I do now.
Cass402: I'd love to. It's my dream to one day travel the world. I know it's unrealistic, but I at least want to see Italy, Spain, England, and France.

booksRus: Would you like to travel for a living? (Why or why not?)

Kittieme: See above.
PAINTING: Yes and no, yes because I love the idea of seeing new places and faces, no because I wouldn't be exactly earning money.
xXibemeXo: Yes, because seeing new things and new people. I think it would be something that suits me very well!
IKnewIt2: Even though traveling is fun, I wouldn't want to do it for a living. I find waking up in the same place everyday a comfort and if you are traveling all the time, you don't get that.
Cass402: It's not that I wouldn't want to, there are just other professions I want more. Plus, I plan to have a family, so that'd be hard.

booksRus: Any traveling plans for this 2011-2012 Winter break?

Kittieme: I'm heading down to Indianapolis to meet family, and then heading up north a few hours to celebrate Christmas with the other side of my family. Things are looking pretty great. Happy Holidays!
PAINTING: Nope, but I wish.
xXibemeXo: Not yet. But I'm hoping I can travel soon.
IKnewIt2: Nope, I'm home all Winter break.
Cass402: Unfortunately, I'm stuck home this year. Money's tight, so vacations are rarer than they used to be.

A big thanks to all of the Whyvillians interviewed! And to the rest, go out there and travel! Roam the world! After all, the world is your oyster.

Your traveling companion,


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