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Back-Em Up 'n Smack-Em Up

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Back-Em Up 'n Smack-Em Up

Times Writer

Hey all. Lilbeaut here. First off, lots of cool things are happening in Whyville and we don't even rise to the occasion. Literally!

What I'm saying is, Whyville still needs its Why-Passes, but I really think we need a back-up. Because what if people just stopped buying Why-Passes? "I've already gotten them for the next 6 months, I don't need to keep buying." Or maybe something like, "Well, I've already had a Why-Pass last month and my parents aren't going to buy me another one and I don't have a credit card. Eh, I'm not desperate." We need something to back that up so Whyville won't go crashing down. Because even though the Why-Passes are a really good deal for us money-wise and getting-in wise, Whyville needs more Whyvillian help.

City Hall has already said SPONSORS, and I'm going to say it again. She's been insisting we need them for a very long time now. A very long time. Not one of us has gotten a sponsor for Whyville. We need to! I know all of you are saying, "O.K. It's your idea. You want to do it, you go do it." But it really isn't that simple.

Getting sponsors is hard work. I think that maybe if people teamed up and went around finding sponsors together, we would be more successful, because believe me people, I've tried! I've tried for months. No one wants to listen to some teenager blabbing on about what a website means to her and how they will pay money to help her and millions of other children out. I mean, seriously. If I were that guy I would slam the door in my face. I'm not gonna spend money for one kid!

So we won't let it be just one kid!

Here is what I propose we do. (Heh. Don't I sound professional.) Get a couple of your friends that go on Whyville just like you, or it doesn't even have to be people that go on Whyville, but it does help more because they know what Whyville is all about and will be better at explaining things. Check out places on the internet, look in the newspaper, gossip (hearsay, whatever), and just look around your community. But first think about what you want. Do you want a pet store in Whyville? Start searching for real world pet stores. In truth, it isn't that hard, I guess. You just have to have a route for it to work.

If you would like to help out, why-mail me. I will give you info on exactly what, where, when you could be searching. I will give you extra help however I can. I'm not all quite sure about these things either. It just popped in to my head and I went to work. I do things like that, don't I...?

Anyway, why-mail me and we will get things sorted out from there. Gimme a little while, though because this isn't my only huge project underway and ready to snap into action. Why-mail me, but don't expect a reply that very day. Things take time and time I have very little of.

So here is what we do:

  1. Read this article (duh)
  2. Why-Mail me
  3. We slap together some ideas
  4. Get to work.

Err, we're still workin' on #2 right now. So get ready to help back up Whyville. (We can't totally rely on Why-Passes!) Our goal is to find people who will sponsor Whyville. Get them to advertise on Whyville -- like have a skateboard company pay to have a skateboard park in Whyville named after their company. Stuff like that.

Let's go hit them hard and fast, and they'll never know what was coming. Only, hit them in a nice way, of course.

Back-Em Up 'n Smack-Em Up

This is Lilbeaut,
...Bending Rubber...



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