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Book Review: The Outsider

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Just recently in English class I had to complete an ISP (Independent Study Project). The instructions were to pick a book and write 5 journal entries on it. I was assigned a book by my teacher (he thought all the philosophical meanings would be interesting to me). The book I was assigned was "The Outsider" (or also commonly known as "The Stranger") by Camus. Upon reading it, I thought I would write a book review.


The plot is a bit scattered and strange. I think this is due to the intensity and philosophical implications behind it. Essentially, the book is about a man named Meursault. In the beginning he receives a telegram that his mother is dead. During the funeral, he is completely calm and is more preoccupied with the heat rather than the death of his mother. This beginning occurrence establishes Meursault's strange character. Later on in the book, Meursault faces problems and blunders that he deals with in his unique way. The more Meursault faces, the more his character is revealed as bluntly honest and completely and utterly strange.

Good Points

- It is in fact a short book. (I finished it in about 2 hours with distractions.)
- The vocabulary is not very hard and so it is an easy read in terms of plot comprehension.
- Although the vocabulary isn't hard and the book itself is short, there are many complex theories and subjects touched upon.
- Particularly good read for ISPs because of its many meanings.

Bad Points

- Hard to understand at first.
- Some subjects are very mature.
- In two parts. (I particularly do not like books that are separated by parts.)

Overall Rating

I think that this book was okay. I had to do a bit of research to properly psycho analyze it. Don't be shy to y-mail me your thoughts on this book if you have read it (maybe we can get a discussion going)!

Don't stop reading for knowledge is power,


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