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E-Books Versus Books

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In today's society, we are constantly evolving with our technology. For example, just 7-8 years ago we always watched VCR tapes, now we watch movies on Blu-Ray. It's amazing how throughout the years, technology evolves.

Today, I am going to be discussing an on-going dilemma between people. ?Should I go with e-books or normal books?? I will be stating facts about e-books and normal books. Then following, I will personally ask people what they think about them, and what they prefer.

E-books are read with electronic devices that you can download books onto, and you can sometimes download apps on them too. They can be purchased at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, etc. They are popular because like you can on a normal book, you can highlight, make notes, and bookmark pages. Some ways to read e-books are on the Kindle Fire, Nook, etc.

Books are bounded publications that you can hold in your hand and flip the pages. They are available almost everywhere: libraries, Barnes and Nobles, online, etc. You can mark the pages, put a bookmark in it, and admire the cover design in your hand.

Now, let's get to the interview. I am interviewing 6 people today: MrCowboy, Bibi4evr, Nicenfun, Lyragold2, Cows2cute, and Star628.

HopeLuvs: Do you prefer reading from an e-book or a regular book?

MrCowboy: Never heard of e-books.
Bibi4evr: I prefer reading from an e-book.
Nicenfun: I definitely prefer reading e-books over normal books.
Lyragold2: I usually prefer books, but two days ago, I bought myself a Nook. I only have one book on it so far, but I really enjoyed that. I have to say, I prefer using e-books.
Cows2cute: I prefer a normal book.
Star628: I prefer reading a book, rather than an e-book. I read all the time, and I love the feel of having a book in my hand.

HopeLuvs: Why do you prefer reading an e-book or book?

MrCowboy: I can't read well anymore, so my computer is enlarged.
Bibi4evr: It's a lot easier finding and getting an e-book, than going to a library/bookstore to maybe realize they don't have the book you're looking for. Also, it saves a lot of paper that's already being put to use for other things.
Nicenfun: I hate having to hold an actual book. What really bugs me is when the words go into the binding, and you have to bend the book. With e-books, I don't have to worry about that! Also, I can adjust the font with e-books on my Kindle which is great when I don't have my glasses.
Lyragold2: When reading books that are more than 400 pages, it's just easier to carry the Nook around to read it. It's pretty much like reading a real book.
Cows2cute: I like reading from a book because it's just such a great way to pass the time. It helps me expand my grammar and helps me know more things.
Star628: I prefer reading a regular book because e-books can die or might have bad lighting. There's so much technology these days, and I think we shouldn't use it all the time, so reading a book is a good way to do that.

All in all, after reviewing about e-books and books, it seems almost a tie! 3-2, with e-books as a winner. E-books are preferred because they are lighter, you can adjust font, and is easier to purchase books. Unlike with books, where you have to go to the library or to a store. But books have positives too; they expand your grammar and they are a great way to escape the technology world.

Author's Note: Thank you to all those interviewees who have been kind enough to volunteer to be interviewed! I also want to thank everyone for a great experience of the past year, writing for the Times.


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