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Hey everyone, this is Twigsy, reporting about those stupid petitions!

People put up petitions about, maybe, getting some more games. HELLO!!! We have tons of games! Enough to make your salary as high as 100+!! Do we need more games? Sure, we get bored with some of the games we actually know of, but do we even know about the Rocket Builder, or the SunSpot puzzle?

I didn't, until now. I was too busy talking to friends. Whyville is not just about talking, making friends and begging Whyville for things that we already have.

"I like Whyville because it has these cool faces that you can buy and show-off to other Whyvillians." Okay, the faces are pretty cool, but how do you think you got the clams to buy them? Playing games and earning a salary. Don't go begging other Oldbies for clams, they deserve the clams they have, because they earned them.

"Okay then, I like talking to people and making friends!" Yeah, but no one will talk to you if you have an ugly face, because you don't have any clams and no one will give a 'clam beggar' anything unless they have a really good heart.

That's why you raise your salary (of course). But how? What, you can't find the other games? Sure... I bet half of Whyville have only been to the Playground and the Pool Party! They don't like exploring, but isn't that what Whyville's all about?? It's how I found some games I never knew:

I went to my ledger to see how high my salary was. I saw these tabs at the top of the book and clicked the middle one. A whole list of games appeared! Each one with a record of how well I'd played them or what level I was at on them. I found a whole bunch of new games I haven't even played!

So, I hope that you won't just use Whyville for chatting, but for actually having fun, playing games, making face parts, etc. And thanx for reading this, I hope it wasn't too long for you!

Ok, I haven't written an article before, so I'm just going to do what all the other writers do...

This has been Twigsy, signing off... how was that?



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