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Fact or Fiction: The Bermuda Triangle

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Welcome back to "Fact or Fiction", a series I started several months ago on slightly-mythical, slightly-believable creatures and occurrences that have been dumbfounding people for the last few centuries. Today's article is going to focus in on one of the most bizarre, unexplainable places on earth. This area of water has no exact geographical or explainable reason as to why strange, unnatural occurrences happen there, but the situations still take place and confuse scientists globally. What place else could this be other than the Bermuda Triangle?

For as long as I can remember, I have heard stories and read various books on the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious disappearances tied to it. The tales had always left me perplexed and very curious.

The ship-based stories all began the same way- with a journeyman taking a venture out in the great blue sea, only to be stopped by the unexplainable dangers in the Bermuda Triangle. The journeyman would never been seen or heard from again, and his watery grave would be dug without explanation.

The stories that had to do with planes and other aircrafts flying over the Bermuda Triangle had similar endings. The flying machines would all begin having smooth flights, then would suddenly face abrupt and tragic endings over none other than the Bermuda Triangle. History-making adventuress, Amelia Earhart, is one of the many pilots that have met their death while flying over the terrorizing triangle. Scientists and historians have been hypothesizing over what could have happened to this young pilot for decades, and a logical answer continues to cease from existence.

Some of the problems that adventurers have said to have faced when traveling on or above the Bermuda Triangle, are thick, difficult-to-navigate-through fog patches; fierce, sudden winds and waves; UFOs; unexpected storms; problems with their navigation systems; and other unexplainable phenomenons.

The few groups and people who have made it through the Bermuda Triangle alive have shared many interesting accounts on what happened to them on their journeys. The personal account of Dr. Michael Preisinger, a German historian and scuba diver, explains some of the difficulties he and his crew faced while sailing the waters of the triangle.

"In the waters off Andros island, strange craft have been seen from time to time which not only resemble UFOs, but which display the same unbelievable swiftness of motion and execute the same incredibly sharp turns. . . . Suddenly, the craft took off in a southerly direction at what my informant described as a "lunatic speed." It sped along the surface of the water. Then, abruptly, it disappeared beneath the waves, not to be seen again. . . . deviations in the magnetic field, abrupt outpourings of fog, UFO sightings far above the national average-and much, much more."

Many records like this have been thought to be simply just claims and stories made up by people in it for the fame and money. But, some believe that these adventurers were telling the truth about their trip to the triangle. Whether they are being truthful or not may remain being a mystery, but the amount of people who claim to stories such as the previously mentioned come by the dozen.

Even though there are many people that are eager to call the Bermuda Triangle "forever a mystery," some people aren't too excited to accept this, and have come up with more logical explanations for the strange situations surrounding the triangle. Changes in the magnetic field, the geographical placement of the triangle in an area where tropical storms often hit, and other, more natural reasonings have been given in behalf of the events previously discussed. One of the more popular theories is that the Gulf stream brings in much surprising, bad weather, and the shift of plate tectonics over the past few centuries have caused underwater earthquakes to erupt within the triangle.

More out-landish scientists have suggested that maybe the triangle's unnatural occurrences have to do with the lost continent of Atlantis. (More on that in a future article, though.) Other theories state that some sort of aliens or sea creatures lurk within the waters of the triangle, and cause the untimely deaths of travelers alike.

Either way, there will probably never be a set way of knowing what happens within the triangle. There will more than likely forever be various theories and stories told contributing to the confusing and small amount of information we have on the terrorizing waters. With that said, I'll leave it to you to decide: do you believe in the Bermuda Triangle?

Author's Note: Sources: http://byerly.org/bt.htm


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