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Goodbye 2011

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Author's Note: I know I'm a bit late since 2011 ended like two weeks ago but I wanted to have a picture of the Times Awards!

A year has gone again for Whyville. A fun and awesome year has just flown out the window. But can't we make more room for another awesome year? 2012! Here we are. So for the past week I have collected some pictures of 2011. A little collage to remind us of the awesome year we had!

Bye 2011! I certainly don't think he will 'call us'. That's the last time you'll see him sorry dear. But why not? We could try. Nothing's impossible!

Yeah I know this wasn't part of 2011 but it was about the creative articles you guys have written throughout 2011! Everyone was eager to find out our winners. Each of them won a pair of gold glasses! The place was full before three-thirty. At the time 4:04, 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . REFRESH. And the race was on with Whyvillians all racing to get a seat. Some didn't succeed but some did!

Now how can we forget our 2011 Senators? Kittieme, xoxkitkat and lilchiche! What a big success for them. But you guys know out there that being a senator isn't all fun and games. It's hard work! Who here likes hard work, if so you could try be a senator. Hope to have new ideas from the 2012 Senators!

Now onto the BBS! Ms. Whyville 2011, greatest trends, current events . . . all the information, drama, news, music and face parts for sale is what you could find here (and more sections). It's been a talkative year at the BBS! And are really fun one too.

Well what's more to say. 2011 has been a great year on Whyville, let's make it like that in 2012. Adios 2011, and hola 2012!


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