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Fame: What Do You Think?

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Ten times out of ten while I'm grocery shopping, I see at least 5 magazines documenting the lives of celebrities. I usually disregard them while paying for my items but today, I didn't. I actually went to the stand and picked one up, opened it and read its contents. Apparently Kim Kardashian had a 92 day marriage and apparently the editor thought it was so important that he (or she) dedicated a whole page to the 92 marriage. I mean, was that really necessary? I personally don't really care about celebrities but my hypothesis is that others really care. I mean, why they would have an abundance of magazines on useless celebrity facts if people didn't care. And so, I made it my mission to go out and interview a few Whyvillians on their thoughts about celebrities.

booksRus: What do you think of all the Hollywood stars?

boysroc25: Some of them are really talented while others are just weird.
jill012: I think the Hollywood stars are entertaining. In terms of the things they do and the things that happen in their lives.
KeineReue: Some of them are okay. A lot of them have too high a level of self-decided importance.
Katiekewl: To me, since I have never met them, they seem a bit bratty and selfish.
tanibanan: I think that some of them have talent, but a lot of them aren't as great as they are made out to be.

booksRus: What do you think about their publicity stunts?

boysroc25: Some of them are a little weird while others are shocking.
jill012: Sometimes the stunts are just plain annoying, like the fake boyfriend/girlfriend thing, those are just things nobody can be bothered with.
KeineReue: It's stupid to do something that will negatively affect your fan base. But bad publicity is better than no publicity right? *eye roll*
Katiekewl: Ugh. Seriously? I hate them.
tanibanan: I think it's stupid. Sure it gets them noticed, but a lot of times it just makes people like them less.

booksRus: Would you like to be in their positions? Why or why not.

boysroc25: A little because I think being known would be nice instead of just blending in with the wallpaper.
jill012: I wouldn't because everything they do gets talked about. Everybody makes mistakes, but when somebody famous slips up, you'll hear about it on TV for weeks on end.
KeineReue: Yes and no. I'd love to be famous, but I wouldn't want to purposely get bad publicity for myself.
Katiekewl: No, I wouldn?t. You'd probably get tackled by reporters and fans. Plus there wouldn't be much privacy . . .
tanibanan: I don't think I would want to be famous. People would expect perfection from me and I would never have privacy.

booksRus: If you were famous, what would your "claim to fame" be?

boysroc25: Probably singing.
jill012: I don't sing or anything, so if I were famous it would probably be because my mom and dad were famous.
KeineReue: Acting. Absolutely acting.
Katiekewl: Acting, maybe? I'm not sure. I'm pretty talentless.
tanibanan: People tell me I'm funny a lot. Maybe a comedian? Haha.

booksRus: If you were in their positions, what would you do differently?

boysroc25: I wouldn't do some of the bad things stars chose to do.
jill012: I would just be myself, and try not to be fake.
KeineReue: I would be as nice to everyone as I could, so people would be all, "Oh she's nice I like her."
Katiekewl: I would try not to let the publicity go to my head.
tanibanan: I wouldn't change who I was just to please everyone. I'd go to awards shows in jeans and only participate in things that interested me.

booksRus: Would you rather be extremely rich and not famous, or extremely famous and not rich?

boysroc25: Extremely famous.
jill012: Definitely extremely rich and not famous, I wouldn't like being in the public eye every second of every day. I would love to be rich though on the other hand.
KeineReue: Famous and not rich. Having money isn't important to me, and if I were famous I would be living out a dream.
Katiekewl: Extremely rich and not famous. I've always wanted to start a charity of some sort . . .
tanibanan: I'd rather be extremely rich and not famous.

And there you go! I'd like to thank all of the Whyvillians that participated in this interview.

Now off I go to not read a magazine on celebrities,


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