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On April 15, 2010 an awesome individual registered to become a citizen of our close-knit community. Within a few short weeks, she would be known for her large contribution to AKbar's, as well as her easy-going personality. Now, there are quite a few designers we like to think of as kind, helpful, and fun. However, in my eyes only one person can really "take the cake." So without further adieu, I would like to present the Whyvillian in the Spotlight award to . . . doodelle!

Like mentioned before, doodelle (aka Chelle) registered in April of 2010 on her first account cosinki. She developed a solid reputation by becoming a y-mail helper and silver Street Team member. Before switching to doodelle in June of 2011, Chelle had also begun creating face parts. In my opinion, Chelle really excels in creating face parts, especially hair.

In addition to being a famous designer, y-mail helper, and silver Street Team member, Chelle is involved with the BBS/Times. She has posted over 1500 posts and even written 2 articles of her own. (ID #11947 & 11929) I highly encourage you to read her highest rated article entitled, "Freedom of Speech, or Invasion of Privacy?" I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Outside of Whyville, Chelle is a junior in high school. When she graduates, Chelle plans to double major in English and journalism. She's taking it one step at a time saying, "Right now my plan is to get to college and see what my options are." Personally, I feel Chelle will succeed in whatever path she decided to take because of her dedicated and determined mind set.

At this time, I would like to share a few shout outs to Chelle from friends. Please keep in mind she has several other friends, but if I did gather most of their opinions on her, it would take up it's own article!

"She's really sweet and nice. She's also a great designer." - PAINTING
"Chelle is an absolutely genuinely nice person. She never seems like one to get caught up in the drama, has always been incredibly helpful, and is, of course, an extremely talented designer." - xoxkitkat
"Hi Chelle! You're awesome and I love your designs!" - ThatsEpic
"-Shouts out to Chelle- I love you Chelle!" - HopeLuvs
"Congratulations! You SO deserve this!" - iberosy

It's truly evident Chelle is very deserving of this award. She is has a great personality and is a fabulous addition to the long list of WITS receivers. If you see her in chat, please congratulate her. Thanks again for being such an incredible friend, Chelle!

This is Cohenlm starting the WITS tradition back up, one deserving person at a time.


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