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A Waiting Room Chat

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A Waiting Room Chat

Giggler01 & Pinelope
Times Writers

HA HA! Oh, this is so funny! I wish you could see the look on my dad's face right now! That was the absolute best April Fool's day joke ever! I got my dad so good! But enough about me, this is also my friend's article. It would probably help if I told you that I am Giggler01 and my friend is Pinelope. We are both living it up during our holidays.

Holidays. Oh man. That is the start of our article. It is the Easter Holidays and we are both spending a part of the day on Whyville. No surprises! But, guess what? I haven't seen the waiting room once! I own a Why-Pass!

    Giggler, have I ever told you how lucky you are? I wish I had a Why-Pass!

    Mmm. You've mentioned that a few (hundred) times, Pinelope...

Well there you go. You see our problem, but not the point of our article. A lot of people lately have been saying that they should add more features to the waiting room. I mean, the paper gets boring after you read the articles over and over again, and I mean what's the point in looking at the map?

    I wish I could get on! It shouldn't be busy hours yet!

    Hey, um Pinelope, you do realize that it's Easter Monday, right?

    Yeah, so?

    It's a holiday for most people, except civil servants, like the radio people and taxi drivers, and the government workers, like my mom.

    So, like, every kid in the world is on Whyville, right?

Well, that brings us to our point. A lot of people lately have been asking for more features in the waiting room. Most people would like to be able to check their mail, and chat with people in the waiting room. That would be really nice, do...

    Wait, um Giggler, what's the point in having a Why-Pass then? Or a waiting room?

    Well, see that was the point I was about to make, but you beat me to it!

    Oh! I see!

If people pay for Why-Passes, they are able to get on and check their mail and chat and do all of that other great stuff! So, if you added the features that paying citizens get to the waiting room, what would the paying citizens be getting? There wouldn't be an actual point to getting in to Whyville in the normal way, and then no one would be buying Why-Passes and City Hall would be right back where she started, with no cash.

    Do you know what I think?


    They should add just one thing to the waiting room, and that should be city records, so that everyone can look at your face.

    Okay. But you know it doesn't really matter to me, because I have a Why-Pass!

    I know! You are SO lucky! I think people should quit complaining! They should be more determined get on, like me, and not give up very easily.

    Sounds like you. Or they could be like me, and be determined to get on with a Pass.

    I just got on!

    I'm so proud of you! Meet me in the playground in a few, kewl?


We hope you see our point -- when you suggest these things, it's just not something Whyville's going to be able to do. We could all spend our time better thinking up ways of working with the Passes and the Waiting Room and finding sponsors and so on. In any case, I have to go chat with my friend now, so this is Giggler01 saying good bye for me, and for my friend, Pinelope, who is waiting for me in the playground! Buh Byes!



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