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Move On

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Heart rising up against your chest
Follow the path you've chosen ahead
No matter what, it will lead to the death
Move on.

Crossroads of destiny
Rendering you confused
Deep down inside, so is your muse
Move on.

Picking the right one
Is still a challenge yet
If I were to fall off a bridge, would I be dead?
Move on.

Different and I know it
Does that matter at the least?
Saving you from the depths of perplex
Would that cause you to cease?
Move on.

Would I follow you if I knew it was wrong
Just to fit in like I've pretended to all along
Would I; would I?
Move on.

Finding what's right is the sound of my song
How the heart beats with the hearts of the people
Thumping thumping thumping
Move on.

I wouldn't follow you, not because I choose
Because I know it's right to catch you from your ruse
To save you from the grasps of death
So we can move on together.

Author's Note: This is from a time where I didn't write a poem for a long time (which is around these few months) so my writing style changed. I won't be submitting most of my old poems--only these recent ones and the ones I think show potential.


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