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Violet's Driving Test

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The day had come! It was the day a 19 year old girl, Violet, tried to redeem herself (for the 4th time), to get her license. She was SO pumped and confident she was going to get the license this time. Mr. Fred, the Driver's Ed teacher, prepared for the journey.

The first task on hand was to maneuver around trees. He declared, "Don't crash into the trees!" Violet nodded and went on with the task.

Violet dramatically focused on the wheel, and slammed her invisible feet on the gas pedal, trying to maneuver around the trees . . . Well, to say the least . . . she crashed. ?shakes head-

Mr. Fred calmed down, and gave Violet another chance to redeem herself. He told her to drive on the road, to get to the checkered parking spot. Once again, Violet crashed . . . this time, into a building. ?sighs- Mr. Fred was getting more enraged, and with an unpleasing face, he yelled at her, "YOU FOOOL!!"

He really wanted to get this girl out of his class for the fourth time, so he gave her one more chance. He winced as she was starting to drive. Violet was shaking, getting nervous, because she knew she only had one more chance. THIS IS IT . . . CAN SHE DO IT?! Dun dun dun . . .

She slammed her feet into the breaks, driving naturally, over the speed limit. She crashed into cars, she ran through stop lights and stop signs, etc. He kept trying to tell her to turn right, turn left, slow down! Violet finally had it and yelled, "STOP! THIS IS HOW I DRIVE! NO BACKSEAT DRIVING!" The Driver's Ed teacher got traumatized, and finally declared to stop the car.

He had it. His face was turning red; he was growling. He gave her a thumbs down and gave her a FAILING.

Will Violet EVER get a license, and be a dangerous maniac on the road? Or will she be one of those public-transportation people who takes buses and taxis EVERYWHERE?! Dun dun dun . . .


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