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Celebrities: Actors or Artists?

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I guess we all have our own likes and dislikes. Although, there are so many celebrities all over the world, I've come across people who watch movies much more than they listen to songs and vice versa. So today, I'm interviewing a couple of Whyvillians on their likes and dislikes about both.

sweet1680: Who do you like more, actors or artists?

HotTrent1: I like actors/actresses more.
MeeCookie: Singers, LoL.
VmpyKitty: They all have their own special qualities about them, but I have to say artists since I don't watch tv, movies, or plays as often as I listen to music.
stEltrain: I appreciate the art of both, but I'm gonna have to go with actors. I only chose this because sometimes actors also have to sing for the part they're playing.
7stars: I prefer artists because I love music.

sweet1680: Who is your favorite among the one you chose above?

HotTrent1: My favorite actors/actresses are Jenifer Lawrence, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and the list really goes on and on.
MeeCookie: Hmm . . . I like Skrillex, haha, and for actors I LOVE Adam Sandler.
VmpyKitty: Oh the list of singers go on, but right now I love listening to Jessie J.
stEltrain: Bill Murray, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Uma Thurman. I also have a huge thing for Zooey Deschanel. My favorite directors and writers for movies are Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Darren Aronofsky.
7stars: Well, my favorite band is Led Zeppelin, so I guess I'll say Robert Plant.

sweet1680: Do you dislike the other option? If so, why?

HotTrent1: I like music as well, just not as good as movies. In music, you can still entertain and show the artists' feelings in their work.
MeeCookie: No, I like both but I love music.
VmpyKitty: I don't dislike it, just don't tend to connect with it.
stEltrain: No like I said, I appreciate both musical artists and actors. I just appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a motion picture. It takes years and tons of different creative minds to get the final result that people may not even enjoy in the end!
7stars: No, I like artists of all mediums; I just happen to be especially fond of musicians.

sweet1680: Do you often listen to music or watch movies?

HotTrent1: I watch movies and listen to music a lot. I have Netflix to watch movies that I like and I often go to the theaters. I have my own Pandora account, which is where you can create your own stations with which artists/song/genres you like.
MeeCookie: I listen to music every moment I'm on my laptop! I don't watch movies to often but when I do, I like them.
VmpyKitty: Definitely listen to music more.
stEltrain: I do a lot of both. If we're going off the amount of time a day spent on one or the other, definitely listening to music. I listen to music on my way to school, at school, while studying, and I work part time on a computer drafting floor plans so I can listen to music pretty much all day! I also play guitar, bass and write my own music. I usually watch at least one movie a week.
7stars: I only watch movies once or twice a week, but I listen to music for hours on end every day.

sweet1680: Which genre of movies and songs do you like most?

HotTrent1: My favorite music genres are hip hop, pop, rock, soft rock, well, anything that isn't old like the 60's or below, screamo, and metal/heavy metal.
MeeCookie: I like dubstep, techno and pop for music. For movies I like romantic comedy or adventure.
VmpyKitty: Hmm. Well I don't watch movies that often so I wouldn't be able to tell you what kinds I like more, and I usually listen to whatever kind of music suits my mood that day.
stEltrain: I like independent movies, foreign language films, and thrillers. I like anything with a twist. Also love any movie about something real and raw or just a slice of life. For music I enjoy all kinds of stuff, more recently indie rock, folk, and funk. I like listening to a lot of local bands because I think everyone should support the artists in their own communities. I think you'd be surprised what people from your own city have to offer.
7stars: Most of the movies I like are dramas. I listen to many different genres of music. Classic rock and heavy metal are my favorites, but I also listen to everything from alternative rock to 80's pop.

So now we know, that all of us have different kinds of opinions on actors, artists, movies and music. But, I think all of us like at least one of these options, because both, movies and music, are both really entertaining and also a good way to convey a message. Many people listen to music when they're sad, some watch movies when they get time in their tight schedule. I personally like both. I extremely love listening to songs, and I also love watching lots of movies.

Author's Note: I thank HotTrent1, MeeCookie, VmpyKitty, stEltrain and 7stars for taking their time to answer my questions and volunteering for this interview. And, I thank you guys for reading my article. Have a great day!


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