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Whyvillians Revealed: Beach South

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I always hear about how new Whyvillians are treated, then I remembered how I was treated during my first year on Whyville. It wasn't as good as other Whyvillians' first experiences as they first entered Whyville. So I thought that I should do a little experiment to see if Whyville has changed or not. I remembered that I made an account a long time ago and is still in "newbie" attire. I figured, with this account, I could reveal how people really act towards Newbies and write for the Times. I will always begin with saying something similar like "Hi!" or "How are you doing today?" like any other person would do when they enter a chat room. As I show you each picture that I have taken, keep an eye on the time.

January 20. 10:33 AM

This Whyvillian was nice to me after I asked "How are you doing today?" with a reply of "im pretty good you?" This Whyvillian was really nice and respected others around her.

January 20. 10:53 AM

This Whyvillian was nice as well. She was nice and gave me a big smile and a "hey" after I anonymously told her "Hey! :D" This Whyvillian doesn't care what Whyvillians look like or when they joined. This Whyvillian is nice!

January 20. 12:25 PM

This Whyvillian seems to be nice to Newbies as well. After I say, "Hey!" this Whyvillian replies back with "Hi!" I reply with "How are you today?" This Whyvillians reply is "im good u?" It is always good to have nice Whyvillians around. But I am not done yet!

January 20. 5:53 PM

This Whyvillian was absolutely rude to me just because I was in the "newbie account" with "newbie blue hair" and kept telling me to "shoo" and saying "I don't like you" and other nonsense. That was a bad encounter.

January 20. 7:39 PM

I just simply said "Hi!" to a Whyvillian and her friend got really defensive and decided to respond with a rude comment, "newb dont tuch her she bites". That is very harsh and made me realize that Newbies aren't treated right. This reminded me of when I first joined Whyville.

January 20. 7:57 PM

Same approach, "Hi! :)" and out of nowhere, this Whyvillian called me a "wierdo" which is not even right to begin with. Some people are definitely treating new Whyvillians in an outrageous manner.

January 20. 8:04 PM

This one is my favorite! This person greeted me with respect and honesty. After I simply said "Hi!" She replied with "Hey!" and we just carried on a normal conversation that any teen would have.

From what I see, Whyville's Beach South hasn't really changed much after over two years. Some Whyvillians are still as nice as dirt, and others are as sweet as sugar.

Well, that's it for today! Next time, I will be journeying to the depths of the Cafeteria to reveal Whyvillians' many encounters with new Whyvillians!

Signing out,


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