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Fabulously Frugal: Valentine's Day Looks for Everyone

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Hello readers and welcome to "Fabulously Frugal"! Today, I'm showing you four cute, wearable looks for everybody, no matter what your plans are. Whether you have no plans and just need a cute look for school, are going on a date or out with friends, are going to a dance or other formal occasion, and even if you are not into Valentine's Day at all, I have a look for you.

This look is perfect for school. Since February 14th comes but once a year, why not look awesome? This look is totally V-Day themed (from the color scheme to the hearts) but has a vintage rocker flare (with the red skinnies and the bold-fashioned lace up ankle booties) and the hat simply adds trendiness to it. The oversized white tee is simple but the statement necklace makes it cute and colorful. You?ll be rocking the halls with this heart breaking look.

Top: $11 Tilly.com
Pants: $25 Wetseal.com
Shoes: $27 Dorothyperkins.com
Hat: $5.50 Forever21.com
Necklace: $17 Jcpenney.com
Bag: $29 Betseyjohnson.com

The next look is perfect for date nights or other semi-formal events. This look is girly, sweet, and adorable. The floral chiffon blouse and lacy skirt are elegant while the head band adds a feminine touch and the tights give a vintage vibe with the t-strap heels.

Top: $18 Tilly.com
Skirt: $20 Abercrombie.com
Shoes: $15 Oasis-stores.com
Tights: $18 Bloomingdales.com
Headband: $7.50 Wetseal.com
Bag: $20 Nine West

This next outfit is very stylish and chic. It's beautiful, and better yet, totally affordable. The pairing of the cheetah clutch with the red dress is fierce, and the red lipstick, locket, and strappy heels are romantic. This is perfect for school dances and other formal events, not just for Valentine's Day, but year round.

Dress: $50 Modcloth.com
Shoes: $45 Bloomingdales.com
Clutch: $16 Nordstrom.com
Necklace: $18 Urbanoutfitters.com
Lipstick: $15 M-A-C Cosmetics

The next look I created is for those of you who aren't so fond of the red, pink, purple, flower-y, chocolate-y aspects of Valentine's Day. If you still want to dress up and look pretty and feminine (but not over the top), this outfit blends a simple, vintage chiffon dress with a plain bow, plain shoes, but a bling bag and set of bracelets to add a pop.

Dress: $50 Modcloth.com
Shoes: $29 Dorothyperkins.com
Bow: $14 Americanapparel.com
Tights: $15 Modcloth.com
Bracelets: $32 Nordstrom.com
Clutch: $20 Oasis-stores.com

I really hope you all enjoyed this edition of "Fabulously Frugal". I really love making these articles, and I love all of my readers and appreciate you so much, I'd be nowhere without your comments and opinions! You've helped me grow as a writer and I can't thank y'all enough!

'Til next time,


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