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Group Projects

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Just recently I have been assigned a huge group project. Some of my group members haven't been co-operating as well as they should and I thought I'd venture out and ask a couple of our fellow Whyvillians on their thoughts.

booksRus: Do you like school group projects? Why or why not?

Kittieme: I am not a huge fan of group projects. Unless I'm with one at least one of my good friend, I feel stressed as if the work is mostly depending on my effort.
Spiderlan: No not really. Most people in my class don't like to work besides me and a few others.
PHANTASLE: Um, yes and no. I like them because some projects can be fun, but I don't because I hate how stubborn people can be.

booksRus: Do you like independent school projects? Why or why not?

Kittieme: I love independent school projects because I love feeling in control, which is something I don't feel as much when working with other people equally.
Spiderlan: Yes, I feel less rushed when I'm by myself.
PHANTASLE: They're better than group ones. I don't like people that don't at least CONSIDER my ideas.

booksRus: What is one thing you've learned from a group project?

Kittieme: I've learned patience from group projects.
Spiderlan: I've found a better way to study instead of just reading my notes.
PHANTASLE: It's more fun if there's two smart people, and two not as smart people, not one smart, three not. No offense to anyone.

booksRus: What was your last group project?

Kittieme: I had to work on a body systems poster with my friend. Neither of us were artists . . . the poster didn't turn out so hot.
Spiderlan: My last group project was in History. We had to write a ten paragraph essay and have a poster board about the American Revolution.
PHANTASLE: We have this thing during the week of Halloween at school. We go around to different classes and tell them not to give into peer pressure and stuff like that.

booksRus: Were your group members co-operating?

Kittieme: In my group, two of the members did not co-operate, but another girl did, thankfully.
Spiderlan: I was in a group of four and three of the four were working.
PHANTASLE: Two of us were pretty much doing the whole project. My friend and I.

booksRus: Are you usually the leader in your group projects?

Kittieme: At first in groups, we usually offer for someone to be the leader. If no one says anything when they first ask, I'll pipe up. I don't want to seem a control freak, but I like being in charge!
Spiderlan: No, there's usually someone who feels more superior to everyone else
PHANTASLE: I try to be. I usually give all my ideas and thoughts on the project.

A big thank you to Kittieme, Spiderlan and PHANTASLE for your amazing answers!

Thanks for reading,


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