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Valentine's Presents: Gift Basket

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Hey Whyville! Christmas and New Year's have passed, but we have another holiday around the corner: Valentine's Day!

I decided to share some ideas about what to give to somebody on Valentine's Day. To start off, you'll need:

- A basket (About medium sized)
- Some filler (there are different colors - its paper grass pretty much)
- Some cellephone (optional, an open basket is fine too)
- A bow (optional)

TOTAL: $10.00 to $15.00

Some stores sell this in a kit, so try to look for that first!

First, you'll need to pick a theme. I chose two common ones people usually use: bath products, movies, and I came up with a 'Valentine's' theme as well. These are just ideas and it's up to you to use them!


I personally LOVE to take baths, especially with all those 'bath treats' stores like World Market sell. They make a bath so relaxing! Here are a couple ideas for a bath theme along with some estimated prices:

- Bath Fizzers - Anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00. You can get either two or three large ones or a pack of smaller ones.
- Hand Soap - Usually around $4.00
- Bath Beads - I usually see them for $8.00 to $11.00
- Bath Salt - I actually buy this online. I would recommend salt from the Dead Sea in Israel. Usually around $10.00 - $15.00
- Small Hand Towels - Cloth ones. Around $5.00 at Walmart.
- Bath Slippers (Optional) - Around $8.00.

TOTAL: $40 using the cheapest prices above, including bath slippers. This is a bit pricey but a nice gift!


I am not a huge fan of movies, but my favorites are the Harry Potter ones. I would recommend to get one and one romance to put in the basket. If you can find one, you can use a big popcorn bucket to make it look nicer. This one you should wrap in cellephone. Here are some ideas along with estimated prices:

- Romance Movie - Depends; Usually around $10 - $20. I would get "Titanic", considering this April is the anniversary.
- Comedy Movie - Depends; Usually around $10 - $20. I would get "Hangover: Part 2".
- Popcorn - Usually around $5.00 for a box, but you should probably get a small one.
- Candy - $2.00 and under. I would get two candy bars and one bag of candy like M&M's or Skittles.

TOTAL: $27 using the cheapest prices I used. This is better for somebody low on cash.


Of course! I came up with this one myself. I would use red or pink tissue paper with this one. Contains the classic Valentine's items. Some ideas and prices . . .

- Beanie Baby - (They have V-day ones too!) Around $5.00
- Small Heart-box Chocolates - Ones that contain about 6 pieces are about $5.00
- Bag of Chocolates - (Choco raisins, Reeces, etc) $2.00 and under
- Card - Free if handmade, otherwise $2.00 and under
- Balloon - Those little small ones with the stick cost around a dollar. - Roses - Real or not, around $5.00 for a couple.
- Giant Chocolate (Optional) - Big shapes, usually hearts or bunnies. Around $4.00

TOTAL: About $20. This is a nice cheap one but still a great gift!

I hope I helped you choose a perfect gift whether it be for a lover, sibling, family member, or friend. Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine's!

- Nico511


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