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It's Been A While, Whyville

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I was sitting on the computer, surfing the Internet, when I happened to type in the word, 'why.' The list of websites I had visited and things I had searched with that beginning popped up, and I was ready to continue with the phrase I had been typing when a specific word caught my eye. Whyville? A spark occurred in my chest, and leading to that, a rather sinking feeling. I hadn't visited my favorite website in months. I had almost - forbid it! - forgotten about Whyville.

After a few moments of that shocking realization, I decided to sign into my account. The wave of nostalgia from seeing the homepage passed, and I was ready to delve back into this wondrous world. The very first link I clicked was that of the Times, because of the many memories held there. One by one, I clicked on new articles, searched up my old ones, and was thus swept into hours of reading. I must say I enjoyed those hours, but as a writer at heart, my chest pounded and tugged at me to begin typing. Inspiration began to brim until I thought I might begin to tip over like a teacup.

It was then when I began to write, and write, and write some more! I was completely determined to be active in Whyville again, to submit articles to the Times, and to be helpful to everyone. I must admit, I am overflowing with ideas! It's been nearly a year since I've been actively involved on this website, and I can say a lot has happened in that stretch of time. Looking over my own articles of the past, I'm stunned as to how I improved, comparing my very first article to my most recent one; and of course, reading other articles the citizens of Whyville have submitted made me realize how amazing this site really is.

I suppose Whyville has made a huge impact on my life. Looking back on the past, I now realize how much Whyville has changed me. How it helped me mature during my elementary and middle school years, how it encouraged me to get good grades, and how it gave me the motivation to continue on with my dreams of writing and art. Even though I had a very long hiatus, this website is like a magnet; even when I leave, I will always return at some point with a hunger to fulfill all of the goals that I had created at my point of joining. I had begun to drift away, disinterested towards completing those goals I'd set for myself all those years ago, but now it's beginning to drive me again.

So what is my concluding message, aside from the rambling of a silly Oldbie? I've missed you, Whyville, and it's good to be back.


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