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The Only Thing

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The only thing that kept me going was you.

You, with your curly hair and your green eyes. Your never ending smile, your laugh. Your jokes, your compassion. Your drive and determination.

It amazes me still to this day how much you have changed me. You've taken my perspective on life and shifted it - even if it's just the tiniest bit of a fraction. Yes, I'm still frustrated, still upset, still lost, confused, sad, angry, scared. You name it, I still am like that. But seeing you every day showed me how much harder it is for you. I saw the pain in your eyes and I knew right then and right there that I had it pretty good. I have tried to be a better person, a happier one, because of you. I want you to know how much you mean to me.

You're gone, now. Transferred. Don't see you anymore, don't talk to you. But you still mean the world to me, Kelsee.

You're one of my best friends. I'll always love you. I only hope for the best for you. You'll be okay, kid. You'll go far. Those mean people who put you down because you're a tad bit slower than everyone else and because you walk with a limp and talk with a lisp will wash away with the rain, just like you want. You'll dance until you drop, and even then, I know you'll keep on dancing.

You can eat all the turkey you want and you can have all the mashed potatoes that you've ever wanted. You can rule the world and dance for all to see. You don't let your cerebral palsy hold you back and I know for a fact that no matter what happens, you'll be set to go. You'll get there. Wherever you're going.

Someday, your little brothers and sisters will be at your dance recitals, cheering you on, just like you cheer them on at their sports events.

Oh, and my lovely, don't forget your scarf - it's cold out there.

Love Lindsey.


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