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History of the Times (Part I)

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History of the Times (Part I)

Times Writer

Zap! Zap! Word! I am so stuck in the past. I know it's true! Well, hey, wouldn't it be cool to have an afro or something? Anyway, seeing as we're talking about things of the past, I wanted to comment on an article in the April 18th edition of the Times. It was about the history of the Whyville Times. This article didn't do enough for me, personally. Don't you think there's a little more history then that to the Times? See, the Times tells the history of Whyville itself! So, I'd like to give you my version, which is a little more detailed. Cool? Good.

I am writing this as a sort of mini series. It will only include a few articles; this is my first. I hope you enjoy!

The Times was started on July 8th, 1999. At first, it was only people that worked for Whyville in real life that could write for the Times. That meant that people like you or I didn't get our stuff published. Each edition didn't have a lot of articles, usually only around three! Imagine having to read the same three articles over and over again in the Waiting Room!

Well, then a reporter named Doctor Leila was introduced to the Times. She wrote for the L.A. Times, mostly about things that involve science. Still citizens didn't write for the Times, and articles were kept to a limit.

The next series that was introduced, in September 1999, was about the street names in Myville. They are all named after dead people that were really smart. (I don't think they were all scientists, but they were smart, so I'll go with that.)

In December 1999, Whyville citizens started writing, although the articles were still kept to a minimum, reaching only around 5. The thing that sparked some people to write was the doings of Flower. Whyville was still a small community back then, so it was easier to communicate with people, and soon the whole town had been alerted.


Well, since then, the Times has really grown, since people want to write. There are a lot of varied opinions included in the Times, and all the articles are great! (Well, most of them, anyway...) I'd like to mention a few of the greatest Times Writers (According to me, anyway!).

Firstly, there's Amanda, who got her first article published in February 2000. She still writes for the Times now! Like most of the writers, her articles talk about a variety of topics. She's done a lot of interviews.

Another great Times Writer was Vanilla. Sadly, she doesn't come on Whyville anymore. Her articles always came straight from the heart and were very honest with people. Before she left, she also wrote some articles about real life troubles, including Eating Disorders, Music and Apathy. The Times recently published an article by her, saying she's back, but I'm actually not certain that's really her... what does everybody else think?

The last writer I would like to mention is Spazchick. She has written articles with people such as Amanda, and still writes today. She writes about a variety of things, too. She was also Whyville's first Far-Flung Reporter!

So, those are the writers of the Whyville Times, which appears on your bus or in your Waiting Room at just about the same time every week. It brings high quality reading for any Whyvillian.

I hope you enjoyed my article and will look out for more to come! This is Giggler01 saying good night! (Or have a good day, or whatever!)



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