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For the past 2 weeks I've thought long and hard about who I should nominate next. There are so many amazing people who are apart of this website and it's so hard to pick and choose who to showcase. However, after some careful pondering, I decided I knew just who fit the requirements for WITS. It's with great pleasure, I present this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight to no other than my good friend, bObami!

"Congrats bobbie joe. You're so cute and silly, you deserve this. kiss kiss love." - Sportyax

"Bob is one of the funniest people I know on Whyville! She is NOT a gregular girl! ;*wink*" - xoxkitkat

Bob is a 15 year old loser living all the way over in Canada. She enjoys Sherlock, making videos, and creating comics for the Times. To be quite honest, I don't even know what 'Sherlock' is. She runs her little keyboard 24/7 about Sherlock this and Sherlock that. I've just given up on understanding and respond with little comments here and there.

The first thing you'll notice when talking to Bob is her easy-going and fun personality. She's not one to dwell on hardships or hold grudges and instead is always looking at the positive aspects of life! It's no wonder she excels in her hobby of making comics for the Times. My personal favorite is "The Dexter Way", but she has won a Times Award for "The Adventures of a Whyville Mom."

I have so many fun memories with Bob, I can't even remember meeting the girl! However, one of the earliest, and best memories I DO remember having with her was during the School Your Mom contest. She had created a video with her sister, Poppinx3 using an account called coolmomm. The video showed the two giving a tour of Whyville to their mom. They let me be apart of it and it was such a blast. The video ended up being such a hit, if I remember correctly the two won the whole shebang!

However, Bob wasn't always such the sweet, little, nerdy freak she is now. According to Pop, she was previously a mini devil. She reportedly smashed peanut butter into DVD players and broke dishes. Tisk, tisk. I think I'm going to have to call in President Snow to deal with you, little missy!

As you can see, Bob truly deserves to be highlighted as a WITs receiver. Though she is not a designer, senator, or someone who writes tons of articles, she exemplifies the meaning of a Whyvillian and helped spread positive energy throughout our little website. Congratulations dear!

With no love whatsoever because I don't talk to losers from Canada, -Cohenlm

Author's Note: I was not calling Canadians losers in any way, shape, or form. I often tease Bob about being a Canadian as she does to me for being American.


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