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The Top Hat Unicorn!

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Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, I welcome you a new comic called "The Top Hat Unicorn!" that features rainbows, candy, top hats, and all of those amazing and delectable things. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

It was a day like any other. My friend and I were spending some time at the Meadow, wasting the pleasantness away with small talk. Little did we know that our day would be far stranger than we could imagine!

Suddenly, a rainbow burst forth from the skies, and a strange white unicorn donning a top hat slid down. I wish I could say he was complete with a monocle, a cane, and a bow tie, but sadly that was not the case. Still, it was so fascinating and surprising. It didn't look like my friend was too impressed, but I was so entranced I just had to approach the rainbow and, perhaps, poke it!

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to poke the rainbow, as it vanished as quickly as it came. The unicorn, however, remained. He strode over between us and shouted out a wondrous proposal! Though I didn't know what it meant, I could just barely contain my sheer excitement!

All of the sudden, before we could realize what was happening, we were swept up into a dizzying environment with rainbows and sparkles circling around us at all sides. My happiness disappeared and I was faced with a sickening feeling. I didn't do well on roller coaster rides, and this ride was ten times faster with blindingly bright projectiles being flung at us. Where we were going, I was unsure, but I certainly couldn't wait to get back on land!

According to the unicorn in a top hat, we were traveling by rainbow! Whatever that means, where shall we go? Will we ever land? And where in the world did that unicorn get a top hat?! Find out next week in "The Top Hat Unicorn!: Part 2".


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