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Shoe Styling: Pumping It Up

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I love parties. I love gatherings. I love dates and for all of those events and occurrences, one must wear shoes. For a long time now, people have been wearing shoes. In fact, shoe-making was and is artistry. From cleats, to dressy shoes, to comfortable sandals, to beach-worthy flip-flops . . . shoes are a girl's best friend (or a guy's). For today, I will be showcasing five different high heels from GUESS that I thought were gorgeous. Aside from the price and description, I will also be giving you a short description and ideas on how to wear them and with what. Away we go into the wonderful world of shoes . . .

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This first shoe is a very nice, lacy number. I personally chose to showcase this one BECAUSE of its lace. I believe that lace is very nice and feminine. It adds a lot to an outfit, and you can never fail with lace (unless you indulge too much, then there's too much of an abundance). Of course, the intense height might not be for most people, so that is a factor one might consider when buying this shoe.

WHERE TO WEAR: I personally would wear this type of shoe for a night out on a date or maybe a birthday party at a nice restaurant. The lace makes it a very elegant shoe choice that I wouldn't necessarily wear in the day-time.

HOW TO WEAR: This type of shoe is very easy to wear and you almost always cannot go wrong. First off, it is black which makes it hard to go wrong since black is so neutral. You could easily pair it with a gray pair of jeans and a nice, dulled, peachy top. At the same time, it could also work with a nice, frilly cocktail dress. I would also pair it with a high skirt and a tucked top or a cropped one. Since the shoe is lace, I would definitely not go for black tights since the detailing would be lost. Instead, to fight the winter air, opt for beige or nude tights.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This second, nude-toned shoe is extremely cute. I picked it solely for two facts: its color and its little strap at the top. First off, I liked its color because just like the first black shoe, it's easy to wear. I liked its little strap because it totally completes the look and it adds heaps of femininity. It is aesthetically appealing.

WHERE TO WEAR: For this shoe, I would dare to wear it in the day-time and the night-time. In the day-time I would wear it for specific occasions like day-time birthday parties, day-time dates, outings with friends and depending on the situation, job interviews. Since this pump IS nude, it would make it a little harder to wear at night but not totally impossible!

HOW TO WEAR: I would personally wear this shoe with a skirt. The plain reason for this is because of its top strap. Jeans or black pants would cover it whereas a skirt would let it flourish. I would wear bolder colors alongside it due to its neutral tone.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This third shoe is a bit more colorful than the first two. The navy blue and dull red combine perfectly together and the neutral beige in-between makes sure that its colors aren't too overwhelming. The "wood" detailing really adds to the design and I somewhat think of this shoe from a sailor-themed wardrobe perspective.

WHERE TO WEAR: I would strictly wear this shoe in the day-time because of its multi-colorful design and its wooden detailing. The peep-toe also factors in since it makes it more casual. I would definitely go out with friends, go to school or even go shopping. I would possibly sight-see if I was in another country (only if you can handle the height) or ride a gondola in the romantic setting of Venice, Italy.

HOW TO WEAR: I would wear this with jeans, skirts, summer dresses or leggings and a long shirt (of assorted colors). I would probably try to incorporate navy blue and beige into my outfit or red and beige but never blue and red together since that would most likely overwhelm.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Another beige number! Obviously if you haven't guessed already, I love neutral tones. This particular one is strictly nude-colored with wooden detailing.

WHERE TO WEAR: Once again, this shoe is strictly day-time because of its light tones.

HOW TO WEAR: As I have stated before, neutrally toned shoes are the easiest to wear in terms of colors. I would try to wear some red and black or some night light green tones. Try to be adventurous when it comes to these types of shoes! Go all out and experiment with different colors. I would also wear a nice beige scarf to neutralize the outfit from all of those wacky colors.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This leather beauty is a must-have in your closet. Firstly, it's a bit of a "hard-core" style with its brown tones, beaded detailing and funky stitching.

WHERE TO WEAR: This type of shoe could work at night and during the day.

HOW TO WEAR: This type of shoe is hard to pair with clothing even for the most consummated designer due to its unique color. I would opt for leather, skinny jeans and a neutral top if I were to go for the "bad-butt" look. Of course you would have to be very careful when pairing things up for this particular shoe.

And there you have it folks, five different styles of pumps! I hope you all enjoyed this article and I hope to come back and continue this series on shoes.

Stay glamorous,


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