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Double Sided Mirror

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Sometimes people are much more than they appear
As if their reflection is in a double sided mirror
Everything they do has outcomes by the double
Ulterior motives seem to lurk around so subtle
Nothing they do is completely crystal clear
And the opinions I form on them I cannot adhere
People are often different than I make them out to be
The only things I look for are the only things I see
There are so many layers deep inside of them
Who am I to judge - who am I to condemn?
Everyone I meet has faces by the double
But not ever face causes pain, anguish, and trouble
Sometimes two faces simply just appear
Because we made to fit a double sided mirror
It's unfair to judge someone for the nature of their being
The only things I look for are the only things I'm seeing
There's much more to a person than my first impressions get
Inside a person there is much I have not met
Everyone and anyone end up to be two faced
But this simple fact of life should be welcomingly embraced
We all have at least two faces that will someday appear
Because in the end, we are all trapped in a double sided mirror


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