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The Magical Mystery

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Author's Note: Sorry about some of the editing, this is my first try of doing a comic for the Times.

Once upon a time two young girls called Alicia and Tooty were hanging out in the Spin Lab, talking about unicorns. Unicorns did not interest Alicia one bit. She hated everything about them! She thought they were just a big myth. But Tooty disagreed with her, oh how furious she was every time Alicia said, "They were a big lie!" Tooty bought any book about unicorns, and stashed them in her room. So today Tooty bought a unicorn book from an old Whyvillian sitting in the corner of Beach South.

Uhh . . . yeah they had an interesting conversation. Tooty was speaking of how beautiful she was and that you coudn't find a unicorn as good looking as her. As we all know, she was WRONG!

As Tooty placed the book in between them it flicked open and, WHOOOSHHH! They were sucked in the book.

They were zapped into another world. It was a complete nightmare to poor Alicia but for Tooty . . . well as you can see she fainted, you get it don't you? This is how much of a fan she is. To let you on in a secret . . . it isn't a Unicorn, it's a conecorn. They get that name by the cone that's on the head instead of a horn.

Alicia wasn't as persuaded as Tooty was. But soon they'd find out the amazing truth behind the conecorn. Just like you are going to.

The conecorn gulped, and let them onto her back. She didn't have wings! As they lifted off they were in the air for ten seconds and then they all fell down to the forest floor, where creatures HUNT!

They fell to the forest floor. Tooty thought she was err . . . dead. But soon enough realized it was dark in a spooky woods! All of a sudden a rustling noise was heard in the bushes. What is this noise? Is it an animal going to hunt them? Is it there way out? Is it the conecorn?

Well I'm not to sure myself , so why don't you stick around till next time. Where the adventure carries on.

Off to fly on my conecorn!

AAAAHHHHH I'm falling!



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