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Join Club Why Today!

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Join Club Why Today!

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Hey everyone! Sprinkle1 here, to tell you all about Club Why!! Whyville's KEWLEST feature (that is, in my opinion)....

I'm here to encourage you to support our community and do your part -- important information: this is not a scam! I repeat, not a scam! -- by joining Club Why! I speak from experience... if you turn this down you will have no idea what you're missing out on! I, being that I just joined and am fresh to the club, totally support it.

The Club does have one flaw, but that flaw did not keep me from becoming a member! You want to know what this "flaw" is, so to speak? Well, you have to pay 1000 clams just to become a member! But if you take my advice, IT'S WORTH YOUR WHILE!!! You will get to do TOTALLY AWESOME things such as:

  • Reserve the Disco for private parties!
  • Test out new games on Whyville.
  • Make new totally cool friends in Club Why.
  • Go into the "secret" room in the club house.
  • Have your name in the member listing.
  • Get a club picture -- thanks to Akbar you can look your best, ain't he Mr. Generous!!?
  • Be as privileged as I, who gets to write amazing articles about one super amazing club which I joined for a thousand clams!

Hey, that's a small price to pay for Fun, which is what we Whyvillians do best!

This is Sprinkle1... going going gone... but you can count on me coming back soon!



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