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Shoe Styling: Scandalous Sandals

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Well I'm back, dear Whyvillians with another edition of . . . "Shoe Styling"! As opposed to last week's edition, this week's will be featuring sandals! We all love them! They're perfect for summer and they look great with almost anything! Let us see this week's five featured GUESS sandals.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This first sandal/wedge is completely adorable and a great way to start off this edition of "Shoe Styling". Primarily, it's black and easy to wear. Secondly, it's a wedge with a lot of ankle support to keep it on your feet! The detailing on the woven heel is truly magnificent and the leather straps are too cute. A definite must for this summer!

WHERE TO WEAR: I would wear this in the day-time and I'd just like to say that most sandals and wedges are only for the day-time. I would wear this to a park, a lunch date or anything else that requires you to be comfortably fashionable.

HOW TO WEAR: I would definitely go with black, ripped jeans and a baggy tank top with a bandeau underneath. Because of its "rocker" edge, I think that would really go well with together. In addition, I would probably also add some chic, black sunglasses.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This particular sandal is super cute. I would also like to warn you of the fact that because of the plastic toe divider, it might be uncomfortable for some of you. For the ones that can take that style of shoe, be bold to wear it! I personally love the adjustable strap at the back and the extravagant detailing in the front.

WHERE TO WEAR: Definitely during a sweet, summer day. This shoe is very comfortable because it isn't high heeled. It's completely flat so it would definitely not impediment you during the day.

HOW TO WEAR: With this golden masterpiece (literally) you cannot go wrong. But just DON'T add any silver in your outfit because the two clash. Miniskirts or cute jean shorts work equally well with this style. Gold aviators would also be a nice touch to the outfit.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: I. Love. This. One. I think the gentle white color totally makes it one of my favorites! I love the adorable bow on top and the open-toe concept.

WHERE TO WEAR: This one is a bit tricky to categorize in the "day-time", "night-time" categories. I think that if you really thought out your outfit, you could incorporate this shoe both at night and during the day. I personally think that this shoe would be perfect for a night out with friends in the Caribbean Islands or on vacation. Bonfires or secret rendezvous, it can go with any occasion! First off, white looks good on tanned skin and so this particular shoe would shine!

HOW TO WEAR: With a nice, white sundress and gold bangles. Definitely during the summer.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This fourth shoe is very expressive. Its colorful fabric truly makes it a daring choice! I love the contrast between the cool blue and the vibrant pink. I like the criss-cross pattern at the front of the shoe and the lime-colored detailing.

WHERE TO WEAR: I would wear this wedge strictly during the day-time for the following reasons: open-toe concept, vibrant and wacky colors and the fact that it is indeed a wedge.

HOW TO WEAR: This section is going to be tricky since it's so elaborately colorful. I would probably pair this shoe with either the same colors or neutral colors. This one is truly difficult. I would possible wear a little white, with green hues/tones sundress and a beige bag. I would limit the accessories and maybe let my hair down with a braided headband to sort of opt for the "hippy" style.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: This shoe presents a very nice hue of gold with a delicate braided strap and a zip-up in the back. I like it because of its Greek style. Very cute.

WHERE TO WEAR: I would wear this on a summer day.

HOW TO WEAR: You could create many outfits around this sandal but I think the most accomplished one would be with a white, mid-knee summer dress and a twisted, gold belt. I would say go for the complete Athena look.

Of course, the shoes that I have talked about are only a few of the ones offered on GUESS's website. Visit guess.ca to browse through some more styles if you are interested! I hope that you all enjoyed this week's edition and I hope to be back next week with a new one.

Happy shopping,


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