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Dear Forrest

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Dear Forrest,

When I met you, there was an instant connection between us. You said something funny, I laughed and you looked at me and I was just hooked by your smile. It was so genuine. I never wanted to have to look away. The important thing about that day, is you were the first person to make me laugh in a very long time. Since I met you, I've changed so much. I'm happier, and I feel alive.

You know so much about me, things that my own family never knew. Things I don't ever want to repeat again. But during the times that I'm waking up at 2:30am from nightmares and flashbacks, you're the one I can call, and even though I've just woken you up in the middle of the night, you'll let me tell you about the dream. And if I'm crying, you let me cry into the phone until you know I'm asleep. You've seen me at my most vulnerable moments. All during Challenge Day I cried. You didn't walk away, you looked at me with an expression that looked like you were hurt because I was crying, and you took me in your arms and let me sob (I can't imagine how wet I got your sweatshirt).

You're the first person I thought of when we were asked to think of someone who's always there for us. You've constantly been by my side, never backing down when I need someone to support me. When I cry, you don't get uncomfortable, or make it awkward. You just let me cry, and hug me and talk to me when I'm ready. I'm so grateful that I have you to talk to, and to lean on. You treat me like a princess and I really don't feel like I deserve that. But I still love it. You make me feel special, and happy, and I can't imagine life without you now that I know what life is like with you. I love you so much. Thank you for everything you've done for me. For being my friend, a shoulder to cry on, and just someone who can make me smile.

No matter what happens between us, I know I'll always have you to go to. I won't ever intentionally let you down. I'll always be here for you in return. If you need someone, you have me. And I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you, or caused you pain or confusion. If I knew I was, I would go out of my way and make sure that I was the one who was hurt before you were.

You're an absolutely amazing person. You deserve the best in life and I'm truly sorry that you had to face what you did when you were such a young child. It turned you into the person you are today. You're a real man, not one of those fake tough guys. Real men show emotion, they show how they feel, they're not afraid of facing their fears. And that is absolutely who you are. Don't ever doubt yourself for even a second.

I love you. I'll love you forever.



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