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Jesus Jr?

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Editor's Note: This article has strong influences from the Christian religion. Please remain respectful with your comments in the BBS.

This is the famous "Tebowing" pose that has been seen all over the world, by famous people, by doctors, by children, by news anchors, by me everyday, and of course, by Tim Tebow himself. But what is this entire craze with Tim Tebow?

Timothy Richard Tebow was born on August 14, 1987. He was born in the Philippines. His parents were missionaries. When he was only 3 years old they came back to their home in Florida. Bob and Pam Tebow decided that the small home wasn't enough to fit 2 girls, and 3 growing boys. They then moved to a larger farm close to where they used to live. Tim was homeschooled for a long time and his mother Pam was the best teacher he said he ever had. Along the way of learning the essentials, Tim also learned Bible verses. This also inspired him more to do more in his community and pushed him to do his best.

Later on, Pam decided that what was best for Tim was to attend public high school. Tim Tebow wanted to play football at Trinity Christian High School. So that's where he attended. But he wasn't quarterback. So after a year there he decided that he wanted to go to Nease High School. But there was one thing stopping Tim from going to Nease. He was looking forward to his first missionary trip. He was 15 when he took his trip there. In 8 hours, he would have been to 2 schools preaching the word of God. He said that it was one of the most memorable experiences that he's ever experienced. And that he'd definitely be doing it again. So that's exactly what he did . . . over . . . and over . . . and over.

Once Tim returned from the Philippines, he started school at Nease High School. He started out as a linebacker. But he then was promoted to quarterback. He led their team to state championships. He played the remainder of his high school life at Nease and helped the coaches win over 182 games.

That's when he came to the sad decision. He had to chose between Alabama and Florida. For him, it was like having to choose Mom or Dad. The coaches of both teams were close family friends . . . and that was the deciding thing that helped him narrow down over 100 scholarships, to just 2 schools. He said that it was so hard to choose, that he start crying. Yes everyone, Mr. Perfect started crying. But anyone who thinks that's lame, should put themselves in his shoes. So what helped Tim make his final decision? You guessed it, God. He looked to the Lord to find out which school He wanted him to go to. So Tim made the decision. He walked up to the podium in the arena that day and announced his decision. "Tim Tebow. University of Florida." Tim Tebow was now officially a Flordia Gator.

So NFL draft day is upon us. Tim is praying that he'll be sent to a good team, with good stats, and good coaches. It's at about 10:00pm and the 24th pick of the draft has just been announced. Denver is picking next. They choose a wide receiver (who's name I can't recall.) Tim is staring at the TV screen, when his phone lights up. "It's a 303 number. Should I answer it?" Tim's words made the entire house go bananas. He answered it. Guess what? They traded him for Tim. The house? Bananas. Tim? Praying. Instead of celebrating with his family. He's thanking the Lord.

July 23, 2010. Tim Tebow makes his first touchdown as a Denver Bronco. I was blessed enough to witness this amazing achievement. Thus, the Tim Tebow craze is born. Fast forwarding to this year . . . a billboard is put up in Denver.

Denver goes crazy. More and more billboards go up telling Head Coach John Fox to start Tebow. So what did Denver fans wake up to the next morning? Tim Tebow is starting against the Miami Dolphins. Soon enough, the game rolls around. Me, like so many others are ready to see how Tim fares against this amazing team. What happens? We win. Tim drops down to one knee doing the famous Tebowing pose. Thus, Tebowing is born. What are Tim's first postgame words? "I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." Tim spoke these words for the next 5 games . . . which was his infamous Tebow Time winning streak. So what did Tebow Time earn for this achievement? An NFL Honors awards.

The phrase "Tebow Time" comes from his overtime and fourth quarter last minute wins. Some may believe that God helped the Broncos and Tebow win all these games. So this brings me now to Jesus Jr. Many people have believed that Tim is the son of Jesus. He has a strong love for him and prays after every game. To this day I still wonder if Tim has a relationship with God. Or if he's just a strong believer and it's luck. Will we ever know? Maybe.

Author's Note: Source: "Through My Eyes" by Tim Tebow


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