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Valentine's Day Ideas

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A well-known holiday celebrated by many countries is coming up. Guess what it is? YOU GOT IT! Valentine's Day! It's a day of love, of friendship, and of family. Today, I want to show you how to make a creative Valentine for your friends. It's a quick way to show them you love them, and that you care about them.


Needed: Pencils, paper, pen, glue/tape, scissors.

First of all, get a few pencils. You will need them to be the main part of the gift, and stuff will be added on in a minute.

Next, you are going to cut a strip of paper out using plain paper or construction paper. You will write: "You're all WRITE, Valentine!" or something of that sort. Add hearts to it to create the Valentine-y theme.

Finally, you will attach the message onto the pencil by taping it, or gluing it on.

There you have it! A cute, quick way to make your friends a Valentine.


Needed: Pipecleaner, 2 different colored tissue paper, scissors.

NEXT, I want to show you how to make a PAPER FLOWER for your loved ones!

First of all, you must take a stack of 5-6 alternating color tissue paper, evenly cut. I am going to use turquoise and white, to show the difference in the pattern. Then, you must fold them accordion-style, to look like this:

Secondly, you must take the green pipecleaner, and fold it in half. Wrapping it around the middle of the accordioned tissue paper, you got a stem!

Finally, this step is tricky. You must take one by one, the layers of tissue paper, and bring it up. Then take the other layer, and bring it up, and so forth. It should develop the layers of 'petals' of the flower. Then take the scissors, and cut it to your satisfaction.


Needed: Colored paper, scissors, stapler, and pen.

First, you must cut out 2 evenly shaped hearts, using any colored construction paper. I used white, so it stood out more in the photos. Then after cutting the 2 hearts, write a message on one of the hearts.

Next, you must staple the bottom portion of the heart, then stuffing it with extra newspaper or such.

After stuffing it, staple the rest of the heart up, and there you have it! A 3-dimensional heart to give to someone.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 Valentine's Day ideas. If you have any questions on how to make one of these, y-mail me. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I love you all.

Author's Note: I did do these pictures, so you could see the step-by-step. Happy Valentine's Day!


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