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Info on SkUmBaG68

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Info on SkUmBaG68

Times Writer

This is Sonner, writing just to inform you about SkUmBaG68.

First things first: he has only visited Whyville once, so he must have come on Whyville right after he signed in, and wrote that article to protect his real username on Whyville. The username SkUmBaG68 says he's a boy, but you never know about that stuff.

This person might be a different hacker than you think. It could be a hacker you already know, trying not to reveal his or her real username. This is all the better reason to never give out your password.

This person must actually normally use a different account. It's so obvious, because he makes no clams a day and doesn't have a plot and doesn't even have a face. Or maybe he said that he was SkUmBaG68 and it really isn't him -- he's just trying to make this SkUmBaG68 look like a criminal. So he might be smarter than he looks.

I really think that this is a very good reason not to give out your password. Not even to your best friend. This thief is most likely a hacker we already know, trying to keep his or her real file from getting banished. In other words, I don't think we have to worry about SkUmBaG68 himself anymore. Especially when he hasn't visited Whyville at all.

Hope these clues helped you learn more about this mystery.

This is Sonner. Till next time. Bye!



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