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Book Review: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

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Maximum Ride is a girl unlike any other. She grew up in a science lab they call "the School", spends her free time hiding from human-wolf mutants, and oh yeah - she can fly.

Max is the leader of a flock of 6 Avian-Human DNA combinant experiments. The scientists at the School refer to them as a super-race. Max prefers to be called an Avian American. Here's the deal. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel are all Avian Americans or bird kids. As infants and eggs, avian DNA was grafted into theirs, in hopes of creating a super human. Then for the next several years of their lives, they were kept in dog cages and experimented on until finally someone took them away.

His name was Jed. Jed is a bad guy gone good gone bad again. He's also the father of the creature leading hunts against Max and the flock. The creature I speak of is called an Eraser. Seemingly human, but when they hunt, they evolve into lethal wolves. They won't stop until they find their prey. So when the youngest of the flock, Angel, who is 6, is taken by Erasers and brought back to the School, Max and the gang have to fight.

These kids only have each other and they will do whatever it takes to keep the family together. This is the first adventure of Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman (Gazzy) and Angel. I suggest you hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride.

Highlights of This Book:

Teamwork is important, and this book shows exactly why. It takes all 6 of these kids to pull off an escape from the School. Not one of them could have done it alone.

Leadership is also important. In order for anything to be accomplished in life, someone has to take charge and figure out what to do to be successful. Max is a perfect example of a real leader.

Lights, camera . . . ACTION! This book is full of action! I love the fight scenes! They keep me wanting to read more, and you will never know when to expect a peaceful moment to be ruined by action.

Sore Spots:

There's mild language in here, but it's not as bad as previous books I've reviewed. So as long as you're okay with a few S or A words being slipped out, you should definitely read this.

Extra Information:

Because it's important to know about the characters in order to keep on track with their adventures, I'm going to make a little chart in these reviews and help you out!

Max: Female, Age 14, leader of the flock, she's really stubborn, and won't put up with ANYTHING happening to her family. She has a maternal role to the younger girls.

Fang: Male, Age 14, second in command, picture one of those tall, dark, and handsome guys who's really shy, and you have Fang. He's an excellent fighter.

Iggy: Male, Age 14, blind, can build an explosive out of anything. He's a good fighter too, considering he can't see.

Nudge: Female, Age 11, she loves fashion, tends to talk a lot, and her best friend is Angel. Her special power is that she can hack any kind of electronic without even trying.

The Gasman: Male, Age 8, he has some serious digestive system issues. He has a special power though. He can mimic anything he hears, and do it with 100% accuracy. It gets on the flocks nerves. Him and Angel are the only biological siblings in the flock.

Angel: Female, Age 6, she loves her flock, doesn't remember much about the School, but she knows she never wants to go back. Her biological brother is the Gasman. She can also read and control minds.

As you advance through the series, I'll add more into this chart! So there you go. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Overall Rating:

9 out of 10


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