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How Do You Do It?

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How Do You Do It?

Guest Writer

Hello, this is RoxyStars! I am here to thank one of my favourite Times Writers: Giggler01. She has inspired me with all her writings and stories. I thought that it was time to give her some great thanks.

How did you do it? I must ask. How did you get to be a Times Writer? It is because of you that I've been inspired to write myself. I believe that it is you that keep all our minds motivated.

The Times Editor must have very fashionable taste to pick such a GREAT writer. Almost every article you have written I have agreed with. I look up to you like a mother of all writers. You are the idol that has brought me some ideas.

You told us that even though some of your articles were never published, it didn't stop you from writing. That's how I gained my confidence. You have given me everything I need to know. The article you wrote, "Not Just Computer Problems" was about bullies and how they pick on people. I agree with the quote you referred to, that "one person is smart, but people are stupid." It is a true statement.

I believe that the words you wrote, "We won't ever be able to completely eliminate bullying, but you don't have to do it all yourself. Just eliminate the bully within you" will change the way I am today. You've told me something very powerful. So, everyone, follow Giggler01's advice and try as hard as you can, whether being a good person or in writing a unique article.

Roxystars leaves the computer to go eat dinner... byez!



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