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Running Away: Part 3

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Libney and I sat in the back of my aunt Georgia's white Toyota the next day. It was surprisingly warmer outside, the sun was high, the sky was blue, and the wind was calmer.

I had managed to pick my own outfit instead of matching with Libney, and I felt much better than yesterday. Looking at the main building of Calcker, I saw that it was very ordinary. There were some groups of kids outside on bikes or sitting on the brick steps leading up to the glass double doors. It looked a lot like my old school. "Okay," Georgia parked the car in an empty space in front of the school. "Have a great day, call if you get jumped and make friends!" She wasn't exactly the sentimental mother and aunt. She blew me a kiss and smiled at Libney before shooing us out of her car.

"She probably has another job interview," Libney sighed as her mom pulled away.

"I thought she worked at the hospital."

"Yeah, but she says she's not making enough and she wants to get a better job. She's been looking for a high paying job since last month."

"Does everyone have these problems?" I wondered aloud. It seemed like everyone did - no one ever seemed very happy. Libney frowned at me.

"Don't think like that Cassie. Inside that building, you are a different person, okay? Someone who doesn't think negatively, some who is happy and friendly all the time." She put on a huge smile that would make anyone feel better and pulled me up the stairs without another word.

Calcker High was a crowded school on the inside. There were thick lockers taking most of the wall space, kids pushing around everywhere, loud noises from all around, and a very hot and stuffy feeling. The back of my neck grew warmer and I wanted to pull off my sweater immediately. Libney walked through a maze of tall students and stopped in front of a door marked Office. "In here you'll get your class schedule and locker combination. I'll stay here while you're in there. Hurry before the bell rings," she opened the door for me and pushed me inside.

Inside the office, it was really quiet and the only sound was that of a buzzing printer and the tap of fingers on a keyboard. I looked around the empty area looking for someone but all the doors were closed and the front desk was empty. "Hello?" I called. My voice was shaky. The tapping on the keyboard stopped and I heard footsteps in the first door to my right. The door opened slowly and a boy's head popped out.

"Yeah?" He asked impatiently. I frowned at him. I thought there would be some school secretary but this guy looked like he was my age.

"I'm new, and I was told that this was where I could get my schedule and locker combination stuff?" I told him. He rolled his eyes behind his thick glasses and came out of the room. He was much taller than he looked from behind the door, and more broad-shouldered than most guys I had ever met. He walked toward the front desk, looked through some files and pulled out one. He did this like he was in charge of everything here and didn't even glance at me as he handed me a folder with my name on it.

"Locker 234, combo 6, 17, 34." He muttered, walking toward the room he had been in at first.

"Are you allowed to look through my things like that?" I asked him, not wanting to leave without any other information.

"I'm the principal's assistant, I have permission to look through anything I want." He glared at me. I raised an eyebrow.

"Whatever," I said as I opened my folder. Inside it said all the things that principals should know; allergies, emergency phone numbers, family members, past school, and my past C average grades.

Before he slipped back into the room, he turned around and said," looks like you're a great student." He smirked at me and closed the door. I was left glaring at the door with my folder in my hands.

I walked out of the office where Libney was still standing. "That was quick," she smiled.

"There was some principal assistant in there." I told her.

"Yeah, Alex Todds. He thinks he's so important just because the principal is his aunt." She pulled me down the hall.

Author's Note: I hope everyone likes my story so far, sometimes I get writer's blocked and that's why the parts are so small.


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