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Disease Spike

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I was minding my own business in South Beach when someone coughed for the third time. I quickly washed my Whyville hands, and so did one or two other people. I was surprised to see that only one or two other people washed their Whyville hands in the whole South Beach! Thinking back, maybe that explains the disease spike in Whyville.

There are three viruses alive in Whyville, and I'm sure there are more to come. Virus 43 has only been live for 13 days, Virus 42 has been live 44 days, and Virus 41 has been alive for 75 days. Virus 42 doesn't pose much of a threat, there are only 14 people infected, and only 20 people have been infected total. No sweat on Virus 42. On the other hand, Virus 43 poses a threat. It has only been live for 13 days, so not many people know about it, and 60 people have been infected. Not a big number, right? What is the threat is all 60 of the people who have that virus are still infected, and are spreading the disease. Not one person has been cured. Of course, eventually the disease will become known and people will vaccinate. What I'm worried about is how many people will be infected by that time.

Virus 41 might be a later stage of what is happening to Virus 43. Virus 41 has been live 75 days, so it's a known virus. What I'm worried about is it has taken a sudden spike in victims. I'm not sure exactly what numbers Virus 41 had a week ago, but I know I wasn't worried about it then. All I know is that on February 22nd at approximately 8:20 there have been 817 total victims. 585 of those victims still have that disease, and are spreading it in large areas like South Beach.

Let's do a little math, shall we? 817 - 585 = 232. 232 victims of Virus 41 have been spared. 585 (the number of victims that are infected now) is twice the amount of victims that have been cured. In money, you're in debt. In viruses, you're dealing with an outbreak. Let's not get too carried away yet, we still haven't compared symptoms. Virus 41 and Virus 42 are just a simple cough, but the ever-dangerous Virus 43 has cough and confusion.

Now it's time for some prevention techniques. Whenever you are in a crowded area, or even one with only a few people, and someone coughs or is talking funny, say 'cover' and 'wash' right away! If you see someone cough, or is talking funny, don't whisper to them, and don't dance on them or let them dance on you. We are not sure exactly how a disease spreads in some cases, but avoiding contact is your best bet. Another great prevention technique is to get vaccinated. It doesn't always work, but most vaccines have a good shot at preventing diseases, and if you combo vaccinations with the other prevention techniques we've discussed, you have a good chance at not being sick, or spreading the disease to anyone else.

I was talking about diseases and this disease spikes to one of my friends who also plays Whyville. "You need to vaccinate! Even if you don't go in chat much, you can still spread the disease to others! To protect you and your fellow players from annoying diseases, prevent them!" She says.

This is Vitez with your latest news, See ya!


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