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Book Review: Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever

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In the second novel of the "Maximum Ride" series, the kids are on the run. Erasers are showing up everywhere, and they are completely obsessed with bringing the kids back to the School.

They want to find their parents. When escaping from their home, the kids took files from Jed's office, and Nudge notices that her name is on them. She can't help but be curious, so Max leads the flock on a mission to find their real families. Here's the catch: the only clue they have is a fraction of a name, and the voice in Max's head. Yeah, Max can hear a voice in her head. It gives her clues but she has to figure out what they mean. It annoys the crap out of her.

Another thing is happening in the flock. They're evolving and developing more skills! Oh, and there might be a little unexpected romance . . .cough cough - Fang - cough - Max - cough. But I'm not giving away any secrets.

Also, Jed's son, Ari, is an Eraser. And he is dead set on killing Max. Who knows why? I sure don't . . . So are you ready for the ride again? It's even more extreme! Welcome to "Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever".

Highlights of this Book:

If you thought that the last book was full of action, you're in for even more now! Fight scenes, spontaneous combustions (Iggy . . .), and amazing escapes!

Love is in the air . . . I'm not going to give any secrets away, but I will say that Max is jealous of Fang's redheaded girlfriend, and Fang isn't too happy about Max's first kiss!

Sore Spots:

Like the first book, there is minor language, but it isn't extreme. Max tries to watch her mouth around the younger flock members.

Extra information:

Max has a voice in her head . . . she's not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. She also has this chip thing in her arm, and it's interfering with all technology around her. All of a sudden, secret messages show up on the screen for her!

Angel can now breathe under water, and talk to fish. Creepy huh?

Nudge can sense who's been at a place, just by touching it! And she can get secret information from doing that . . .

Overall Rating:

9 out of 10

Keep reading, because next week, I'll have a review of "Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports".


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