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When you lose someone, or someone moves away, an empty space starts building inside our hearts. The problem with this space is that it goes unnoticed until the space has reached capacity. My brother has recently moved out of our home. It still has not hit me that he is gone. I keep waiting patiently for him to come home but I have to remind myself that he is not coming back. Daily routines have changed. No longer am I expecting to see him come through that door at three o'clock in the afternoon, every weekday. I won't be hearing him come home late from hanging out with his friends, nor will I hear him getting up at five o'clock in the morning for work. Simple things like his music being blasted, or the sound of him taunting my sister are long gone. I am the youngest sibling.

If I look at the brighter side of things, I would see that he has accomplished so much. He, out of all my family members, cousins, aunts and uncles, was the least expected to move out first. No one has the proper amount of faith in him to succeed. This is because he had a rough life, made some bad choices and also decided not to move on to post secondary education. The majority of people believe that people who don't get an "education" after high school won't amount to high economic status. If you were thinking this, then you would be absolutely wrong. Try to look at it this way, those who start working in apprenticeship straight out of high school start making money in that period of time. In a time span of five years of post secondary education, majority of students struggle to pay off their student loans and tuition. My brother is a skilled welder. Straight out of high school he went to welding school. A skilled welder makes roughly $1500 a week, calculating roughly $78000 a year. That is about the same income yearly of an experienced teacher.

Despite the large amount of students who chose to pursue post secondary schooling in Canada, 15% of those students dropped out. The reason they dropped out was because they didn't like the program. This is the very reason why university and college are not for everyone. Sometimes it's not always about the grades, but really comes down to what interests you. The reason I added these statistics was because most individuals think that university and college is the only road to take. It all comes down to what interests you in the future. I chose university because I want to pursue acting and film production. People do not realize that even though someone is expected to go to university or college out of high school, it doesn't mean they will choose that path.

My brother is highly successful, and proved those ignorant family members that he can amount to something. It wasn't until after he moved out that I realized he represents a hard worker. When we assume someone is uneducated because they do not attend a university or college we are just being ignorant. You do not need wings to fly, and you certainly do not need someone deciding your future.

Author's Note: Sources: http://www.weldingskills.com/faqs.html and http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/2007/11/20/more-students-go-to-post-secondary-but-one-in-seven-drop-out/


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